Green Warning Lights

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Green warning lights have been growing in prominence as more and more types of emergency vehicles are using them. Their initial popularity came after 9/11 as Homeland Security vehicles became a common sight patrolling the neighborhood with their flashing green lights. However, they are not the only Govt. department that uses green.

For years, vehicles that protect nuclear installations and sensitive infrastructure like oil and gas depots, dams, airports and military bases have used green lights. Now, ambulances, firefighters and even snowplows in different parts of the world are also using them. More and more institutions are turning to green and there is a reason for that.


As far as warning lights are concerned, visibility is key. Of all the major emergency light colors in use including blue and red, green is the most visible at the longest range. Red and blue are especially sensitive to light and can become invisible in certain conditions. It is a good idea to think about your vehicle having green warning lights too.

The job of a first responder vehicle is to make sure that everyone knows that an emergency is in progress so that they give the vehicles room. Green catches the eye like nothing else and is best for such situations. If your department is wondering which color warning lights to get, don’t think twice - green is the way to go.


Ask any first responder or emergency vehicle owner and they’ll tell you how irritating it is to deal with a faulty emergency light. They can’t do their job without getting it fixed first. It is a waste of time and resources, especially if the light keeps malfunctioning on a regular basis. You can avoid the hassle by making sure you use high-end warning lights from Ultra Bright Lightz.

Ultra Bright Lightz has been providing lighting fixtures to first responders for over 10 years. We understand just how important our warning lights are to your operations and take our responsibility seriously. We take pride in the fact that we manufacture tough, durable and ultra bright green LED warning lights. All of our processes are dictated by the deep appreciation we have for the work emergency personnel do on a daily basis. We want to do our part.

Quality Lights From a Quality Supplier

All our products are made with the highest attention to quality. We aren’t here to make a quick buck. You can depend on us to provide you with quality lights at exceptional value for money prices. Quality matters to us and we never compromise on this. Each light goes through extensive operational and durability testing before being cleared for use.

So next time your department needs some quality green LED warning lights, feel free to look us up. Ask around in other departments about us and you’ll easily find someone who has used our products before. Let them convince you of how good we are. Our reputation speaks for itself. Call us at 1-888-562-5125 or contact us and let us brighten your day.

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