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Z-Flash Modules for Any Vehicle

Z-Flash modules are a great way to improve your safety while driving an emergency vehicle. These modules have multiple flash patterns for select vehicles.

At Ultra Bright Lightz, we sell Z-Flash modules that pair with a number of makes and models, with specific devices designed to pair with certain compatible vehicles for effective, convenient installation.

A BCM or OBD flasher module is a great addition to any emergency vehicle, and with our selection of Z-Flash modules, you can find the perfect device for your needs.

Compatible vehicles include:

  • Standard cars
  • Standard trucks
  • SUVs
  • Police
  • Fire trucks
  • Other emergency response vehicles

Z-Flash Flasher for GM

A select line of cars, trucks, and SUVs from General Motors can be upfitted for emergency personnel, including police cars and rescue vehicles. Be sure to check before you purchase a GM flasher to determine whether your vehicle is compatible or not.

Z-Flash Flasher for Dodge/Jeep/Ram

Dodge/Jeep/Ram is a leading provider of law enforcement vehicles. Simply plug your Z-Flash BCM or OBD light flasher module into the corresponding port on your compatible emergency vehicle to utilize the desired flash pattern.

Z-Flash Flasher for Ford

For specialized applications, Ford offers their Ford Special Service Vehicles to law enforcement officers and other emergency responders. Whether your Ford vehicle has an OBD or BCM port, Z-Flash modules can equip you with the ability to flash your lights in an emergency to increase visibility and safety.

What Lights the Z-Flash Plug-In Modules Can Control

Flash patterns are an important safety feature for most first responders. Depending on the model of Z-Flash plug-in module you choose, you may be able to control the following lights with your flasher:

  • Front and rear turn signals
  • High beam headlights
  • Fog lights, when activated
  • Reverse lights
  • Brake lights
  • Mirror turn signals
  • Cargo light

The Z-Flash uses diagnostic signals to activate and flash your factory lights. For safety reasons, this device offers limited flash patterns while the car is in motion, but provides additional options for when your vehicle is parked.

How to Install Your Z-Flash Module System

Installing a plug-and-play Z-Flash is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Choose the appropriate Z-Flash for your vehicle make and model from our website.
  • Plug the Z-Flash into the correct port and connect the toggle switch or hardwire kit. In some cases, especially with BCM modules, the installation process may be more involved, so be sure to follow the provided instructions in the Z-flash manual.
  • Select the desired flash pattern for your needs by using the switch.

Now you’re ready to utilize the safety benefits of a Z-Flash module in your emergency vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Z-Flash Plug-and-Play Modules

How Do You Activate Your Z-Flash?

The Z-Flash is activated by a toggle switch on the module. You can also hardwire it into an existing controller.

What Type of Port Does the Z-Flash Plug Into?

The Z-Flash plugs into either an OBD or BCM port in your vehicle, depending on the make and model.

Does Z-Flash Work While You Are Driving?

Z-Flash is designed for use while your vehicle is parked. However, some limited flash patterns are available while the car is in motion.

Will the Z-Flash Damage My Vehicle?

No, it will not damage your vehicle. As a true plug-and-play system, the Z-Flash can be easily installed or removed whenever you need it.

Order a Z-Flash Plug-And-Play Flasher From Ultra Bright Lightz Today

Ultra Bright Lightz is your one-stop shop for all your emergency vehicle lighting needs! We offer a wide selection of modules to equip your emergency vehicle with the best possible visibility. Browse our selection of flasher modules today to find the perfect device for your needs.

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