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UBL Handheld Siren/Controller with controller lights on
UBL 100W Rotary Siren
UBL Mini Controller
Feniex 4200 Mini Controller
Feniex 4200 Controller
Feniex Feniex 4200 Controller

Feniex One Controller
Feniex Feniex One Controller

Feniex Typhoon Handheld Siren
Feniex Typhoon Full Function Siren
Storm Pro 100W Siren
Storm Pro 200W Siren
Whelen HHS 3200 Handheld Siren
Feniex Hammer Siren
Feniex Feniex Hammer Siren

Feniex Titan 30W Siren
Feniex Feniex Titan 30W Siren

Sho-Me Megaphone with Built-In Siren
Feniex Shield Back Up Alarm
Quad Converter
Feniex Feniex QUAD Converter

Magnetic Mic Conversion Kit


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