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UBL 1100 4-Switch Box
UBL 1100 6-Switch Box
UBL 1100 8-Switch Box
Save $10.00
UBL 4 Switch Panel
UBL Electronics UBL 4 Switch Panel
Save $12.00
UBL 6 Switch Panel
UBL Electronics UBL 6 Switch Panel
Save $15.00
UBL 9 Switch Panel
UBL Electronics UBL 9 Switch Panel

LED Emergency Lights Switch Boxes Big & Small

Ultra Bright Lightz have several switch boxes and switch panels perfect for upfits big and small.  We have various switch options including on/off switches, momentary switches (great for controlling police sirens and changing flash patterns), and 3 position switches.  Whether you need 9 switches or just 4 switches, there are great choices for your POV lights, firetruck lights, ambulance lights, police lights, police sirens, tow truck lights, amber lights, and so much more.

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