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UBL Interior Visor Bracket
UBL Interior Visor Bar Universal Brackets
UBL Interior Visor U Bracket
Feniex Fusion/Quad Surface Mount L-Bracket
Feniex Suction Cup Mounting Kit
Universal Brackets
UBL Large Black L Bracket
ilumex Stick Light Window Bracket
UBL 18in Large Gasket
Feniex Fusion License Plate Bracket
Feniex T3 L-Bracket
Feniex Feniex T3 L-Bracket

Feniex T3 License Plate Bracket
Feniex Fusion Stick Light Window Mount Bracket
UBL U-Lite L Bracket
Magnetic Mic Conversion Kit
UBL G3 L-Bracket
Feniex Fusion Headliner Bracket
Feniex Visor Foam Gasket Replacement
UBL G3 License Plate Bracket
UBL U-Lite License Plate Bracket
Feniex Fusion Window Surface Mount Bracket
UBL ilumex L Bracket
Fusion Dash Light Permanent Mount

Mounting Brackets for Every Emergency Vehicle Upfit

Ultra Bright Lightz has a wide selection of mounting brackets for all of our LED lights! We offer L-brackets, swivel brackets, rotating brackets, license plate brackets, tag light brackets, headliner brackets, intersection brackets, and more! No matter where you are mounting your LED warning lights and LED light bars, we have a bracket right for the job. LED light bars, LED grill lights, LED stick lights, and so many more emergency vehicle lights all have available brackets to get them mounted perfectly for your emergency vehicle.

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