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Hella Hella HERO Hideaway Flex Series S/T/T Light

Who Uses LED Strobe Lighting?

A variety of emergency and service vehicles use LED strobe lights, including:

Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicle lights must be bright and recognizable in order for drivers to quickly react to the vehicles. LED strobe lights produce a powerful flashing light that helps drivers recognize the vehicle and accommodate it accordingly.


LED strobe lights provide an ambulance the emergency lights required in order to alert traffic on the road to an ongoing emergency.

First Responders

First responders like firefighters and police officers use LED strobe lights along with a loud siren in order to quickly and safely reach the location of the emergency.

Tow Trucks

Tow trucks also need to get the attention of others on the road around them. They use powerful flashing warning lights in white and amber to notify surrounding vehicles that they are currently transporting another vehicle.

Construction Vehicles

Construction vehicles use warning lights to inform drivers about current road conditions and potential hazards. Amber and white warning lights are the colors that are mostly commonly used for construction vehicles.

How Do Strobe Lights for Trucks Work?

With the power of a bright light illuminating the truck, LED strobe lights allow trucks to display their truckloads to ongoing traffic through difficult road conditions such as rain and snow. The flashing light pattern catches drivers’ attention and ensures they’re aware of the truck and its cargo.

Why Choose Ultra Bright Lightz for Emergency Strobe Lighting?

Since 2006, Ultra Bright Lightz has provided our service men and women with a wide selection of top-notch emergency vehicle lighting equipment across the world. Our emergency strobe lighting selection is popular among our customers for the following reasons:

Range of Options

We provide a wide variety of high quality and durable emergency strobe lights for all types of emergency vehicles from your favorite brands such as Feniex, Whelen, and Ultra Bright Lightz.

Great Prices

Here at Ultra Bright Lightz, we believe that potentially life-saving equipment should be cost-effective and accessible. We keep our prices competitive in order to provide a wide selection of products that will meet your needs at your price.

Customer Support

For more than 15 years, we have had the opportunity to sell emergency vehicle lighting equipment across the country and work alongside the industry's most dependable manufacturers. Our customer base trusts us to answer their questions and address any concerns through effective communication.

Take advantage of our top-rated customer service by calling, live chatting, or emailing our sales support specialists, and let us help you find the LED strobe lights you need today!

Other Emergency Vehicle Lights We Offer

As powerful and effective LED strobe lights are, many emergency vehicles use other options based on factors such as location, function, and budget. The following emergency vehicles may use different lights for emergency situations:

Fire Truck Lights

Fire truck lights are very similar to ambulance and first responders lights since they are used for emergency situations. Emergency light bars such as LED lights are often the best option due to their durability and visibility.

Police Lights

Police officers use emergency light bars on top of their vehicles in order to gain the attention of traffic around them when needed. LED lights are common police lights due to the brightness and visibility they provide with minimal energy consumption.

Ambulance Lights

Ambulances can use a variety of lights in order to get to their destination. Options such as strobe lights and halogen lights are great cost-effective choices. LED lights can be more on the expensive side, but they provide a durable, bright option that is most commonly used on ambulances today.

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