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A New and Improved LED Hide-Away Light

LED hide-away lights are a vast improvement on older strobe models. Corner strobes required bulky and loud strobe packs, and a great deal of power and amperage. Today, the updated technology in modern hide-away lights is much more reliable and effective; it offers superior light output, a significant increase in the number of available flash patterns, and endless installation possibilities. Luckily, we still offer the popular “strobe” flash pattern in all of our self-contained hide-away light modules.


Not only is the power-draw better, but the built-in optics have also come a long way! The Feniex Cannon Hide-A-Ways can be configured with a 120-degree optic for a more focused light spread, or a 360-degree optic for a dispersed, wider beam. The Feniex Cannons also offer stop, turn, taillight, and reverse light functions, providing an all-in-one solution for customers looking for additional features.


LED Hide-Away Strobe Lights For Any Industry

LED hide-away strobe lights are incredibly versatile. Small, compact, and easy to conceal, hide-away lights can be installed almost anywhere. They’ve since become an industry favorite for public safety vehicles and undercover cars due to their wide range of applications and uses. Police, first responders, and emergency personnel can sync multiple blue, red, and white flashing hide-away lights for a more visually robust system.


These strobe lights for trucks are great for service and utility vehicles who need to get the attention of nearby drivers in potentially hazardous or dangerous conditions. Our amber hide-away warning lights are perfect for construction vehicles who want to draw attention to their building site or for tow trucks that want to stay safe on the road.

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