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UBL Mini Controller
Feniex 4200 Mini Controller
Feniex 4200 Controller
Feniex Feniex 4200 Controller
Feniex One Controller
Feniex Feniex One Controller
Feniex Typhoon Handheld Siren
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Whelen HHS 3200 Handheld Siren
UBL Handheld Siren and Controller
Feniex V-Link Module
Feniex Feniex Q-Link Module

Why Emergency Lighting and Siren Controls Are Important

Siren and light controllers play a vital role in the operation of emergency vehicles. These devices are responsible for managing the power supply to the vehicle's warning lights and sirens, ensuring that they function correctly and efficiently during emergency situations.

The importance of these controllers also extends to off-road vehicles as well as snow plows, tow trucks, and more. For these vehicles, a good light bar controller can enhance safety and visibility during night-time patrols or in adverse weather conditions, allowing for better control over the vehicle's external lighting and ensuring safer travel.

How a Siren and Emergency Lighting Controller Works

Controllers for sirens and emergency vehicle lights are essentially power management systems. They work by regulating the flow of electricity from the vehicle's battery to its warning systems. This ensures that the lights and sirens receive the correct amount of power they need to function effectively.

First responders can operate these controls with a convenient interface, typically with physical buttons. The interface allows for easy control over each individual light and siren, enabling the user to quickly activate or deactivate them as required.

Key Features to Look for in Siren and Light Controllers

When choosing a siren and light controller for your vehicle, there are several key features that you should consider.


Make sure the controller is compatible with your vehicle and the light or siren systems you have installed. Depending on the lights and sirens you have, you may need a different type of emergency vehicle light control box, but in most cases, these controllers are designed to be universal.

User-Friendly Interface

Because drivers will usually be operating their vehicles when they need to trigger their lights or sirens, the controller needs to be user-friendly, allowing for easy operation of the vehicle's warning systems. Some controllers offer programmable buttons, allowing you to customize the function of each button based on your specific needs.

Physical buttons also limit the need for the drivers to take their eyes off the road, keeping first responders and other drivers safe.

Durability and Reliability

Given the critical role that it plays in the operation of emergency vehicles, it is essential that the controller can withstand daily use. Look for a controller with favorable reviews from a brand you can trust.

Installing Controllers for Sirens and Emergency Vehicle Lights

Installing a siren and light controller in your vehicle can be a straightforward process, especially with the right tools and instructions. Most controllers come with a detailed installation guide, providing step-by-step instructions on how to correctly install the device.

Typically, the installation process involves connecting the controller to the vehicle's electrical system. This usually requires some basic electrical knowledge, as well as a few specialized tools such as wire strippers and crimpers. However, if you are not comfortable handling electrical components, it's always best to seek professional help.

Once installed, the controller should be tested to ensure that it is functioning correctly. This can be done by activating each light and siren, and checking if they respond correctly. It's also important to monitor the controller's performance over time, to detect any potential issues early.

Leading Siren and Light Controller Brands

When purchasing a controller for your emergency vehicle, you want to know that you're getting a high-quality product that meets your needs. So whether you're looking for a police lights control box or a mini controller to conveniently switch on your siren, we carry options from reputable brands, including:


Feniex is a well-known brand and manufacturer of emergency lights, and their standard for quality is consistent across all of their products, including their light and siren controllers.

Feniex 4200 Controller

The Feniex 4200 Siren Controller can do just about anything. This controller is excellent for controlling all aspects of your emergency warning lights and police sirens. It can control many LED warning lights and can be mounted in any POV, fire truck, police car, tow truck, plow vehicle, or ambulance.

Feniex 4200 Mini Controller

If you need a great controller but in a smaller size, the Feniex 4200 Mini Controller is a great option. It is a smaller emergency warning light controller than the full size 4200, but still comes with many great features. The 4200 Mini comes with a swivel stand and can be mounted virtually anywhere.

Ultra Bright Lightz

Our brand offers a mini controller that delivers excellent performance at a competitive price. This controller is designed with the user in mind, offering easy installation and intuitive operation.

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Which Siren or Emergency Light Controller is Right for You?

Ultimately, the item you choose will depend on the type and number of lights and sirens you need to control, as well as different lighting patterns you need to trigger. Controllers from either brand we carry are compatible with other lights and sirens, so you don't need to worry about choosing the same brand as your lights.

For limited lights and lighting patterns, you can choose a mini controller, which keeps operation simple. But if you have multiple lighting items connected to your vehicle or you have to initiate different patterns for certain circumstances, a larger control panel may be more fitting.

Ultra Bright Lightz: Get the Equipment and Controllers You Need to Operate Your Vehicle Safely and Efficiently

For first responders and other emergency vehicle drivers, being able to easily and effectively operate your sirens and lights is essential. We provide the best controllers to ensure that you can easily install, program, and use your warning systems. You can shop by brand, if you prefer Feniex or UBL products, or choose the controller that best suits your needs.

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