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What are Light Bar Mounting Brackets?

Light bar mounting brackets provide stability and structure to the led light bars on your vehicle without drilling holes into your vehicle.. They come in various styles to position your LED lights properly, including L-brackets, rotating brackets, visor brackets, and more. Choose steel or the highest-quality aluminum mounting bracket for their durability over time. 

Why are LED Light Bar Mounts Important?

LED light bar mounts help hold and secure your LED lights through vibration and potential damage when driving. Increasing the durability of your light bar will reduce the frequency of replacements and save you more money overall. You need to make sure that your LED light bar is stable when your car is in motion, and a mounting bracket can provide that stability.

What to Consider When Buying Light Bar Brackets

Light bar brackets come in many shapes and sizes to fit your vehicle's needs. Before picking your light bar brackets, consider these factors in your decision:

Your Vehicle Model

Every vehicle model is different, so finding a light bar bracket that fits your vehicle's structure and design is essential. Depending on factors such as the width of your car and whether the roof has raised elements, you may need to choose a different mounting method.

Your Budget

Mounting brackets help increase the durability of your LED light bar and reduce the frequency of replacements. Light bar mounts that are expensive may cost you less in the long run compared to cheaper ones using poor materials and requiring more frequent replacements.

Ultimately, you want to invest in a mounting bracket for your LED light bar that will keep the light bar steady and withstand plenty of movement as you operate your vehicle.

Ease of Installation

When using a bracket with your LED light bar, you’ll be able to use similar steps to installing your light bar directly on the vehicle but with added, lasting stability. Mounting brackets make installation much simpler and less damaging to your vehicle, which is a more appealing alternative to traditional mounting methods for some drivers.

Parts of a LED Mounting Bracket

If you’re using a mounting bracket, be sure you have all of the essential components and tools before you start assembling it. You usually won’t need much – just the mounting brackets and mounting hardware, as well as the corresponding tools – but it’s important to verify that you have everything you need before getting started.

How to Install LED Light Bar Mounts

The installation method can vary depending on the vehicle and where the light bar will provide the most benefit. Still, you will typically install your light bar on the roof of your vehicle, and installing the mounting brackets exactly where you want your light bar to sit will be key.

In most cases, you’ll need to drill holes into the roof of your vehicle that align with the holes on the bracket. Then, simply line them up, and fasten them using the provided hardware. You’ll be able to insert your light bar into the bracket, making it sturdy and durable .

Ideally, brackets should be placed on reinforced parts of the car to help support stability and reduce vibrations. 

Light Bar Mount Options from Ultra Bright Lightz

At Ultra Bright Lightz, we provide specialized mounting brackets for LED light bars. We can also provide light bars with easy installation options to make your work simpler.

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