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What Are Plug-N-Play Emergency Light Modules?

Plug-N-Play light modules are the simplest and most efficient way to flash your vehicle’s factory lights. These modules plug directly into your OBD or BCM port and require no special wiring or extra equipment.

How to Install Z-Flash Plugin Modules

Installing your new Plug-N-Play light module is a breeze. In the case of our OBD and BCM plug-and-play flashers, the module simply plugs into the existing corresponding port, making it easy to flash your exterior lights with a convenient controller or switch panel.

Unlike hardwired options, a plug-and-play easy flash module does not require professional installation. Just plug it into your system and activate the flasher!

Advantages of Using Plug-And-Play Flashing Light Modules

First responders like police officers and firefighters often need to use emergency lights while on the job. These flashers can help warn other drivers of potential danger, and they can also be used to signal for help.

Using a simple plug-in flasher module can be beneficial for first responders in a few ways.

Convenient Installation

The biggest advantage of using Plug-And-Play light flashers is the simple installation. These modules require no special wiring or extra equipment, making them easy to install for anyone.

Simply plug the module into the existing OBD port, and you're ready to go. There is no need to hire a professional to install your new flasher and benefit from essential flash patterns to keep motorists safe.

No Wiring Required

Another advantage of using these light flashers is that no wiring is required. This means that you won't have to worry about running any new wires through your vehicle.

This can save you a lot of time and money, as you won't have to hire a professional to hook up your new light flasher module.


These modules are also very affordable. When compared to more permanent vehicle lights and modules, plug-and-play options are often more affordable and easier to install.

Types of Plug-N-Play Modules We Carry

At Ultra Bright Lightz, we cover a number of vehicles with our selection of plug-in flashers.

OBD Flasher Module

The OBD flasher module is one of the most popular types of plug-and-play modules. This module plugs directly into your vehicle's OBD port and requires no extra wiring.

This module is very easy to install and can be used with any standard OBD-II compliant vehicle, with different models available for GM, Ford, and Dodge/Jeep vehicles.

BCM Flasher Module

The BCM flasher is another popular type of plug-and-play module. This module plugs directly into the BCM port of select Ford and GM vehicles. You can also hardwire these modules, as well.

Where to Buy Plug-And-Play Light Modules

If you're looking for high-quality plug-and-play flashers, look no further than Ultra Bright Lightz. We also carry additional accessories, such as mounting brackets, LED lights, and more to provide your emergency vehicle with the equipment necessary to keep you and other drivers safe on the road.

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