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UBL U-Lite Visor Bar
UBL Electronics UBL U-Lite Visor Bar
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Feniex Quad Q3 Surface Mount
Feniex Quad Surface Mount
UBL Hide-Away Red
UBL Electronics UBL LED Hide-away
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Feniex Quad 2X Dash Light
Feniex Feniex QUAD 2X Dash Light
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Feniex Quad Surface Mount License Plate Kit
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Feniex Feniex Quantum 27" Mini Light Bar
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UBL U-Lite 600 Dual Color Stick Light Blue/White
Feniex QUAD Dual Stack Surface Mount


What Are Red Emergency Lights?

Red emergency lights, most often seen on vehicles like a police car, ambulance, or fire engine, are used to warn drivers of potential danger ahead and to clear a path for the responding vehicle.

Red Strobe Lights

A red strobe light is a type of light that emits quick, flashing pulses of red light. These types of lights are used in emergency vehicles to make them more visible to other drivers on the road.

The distinctive flash pattern of a red strobe light is meant to grab the attention of drivers and alert them to the presence of an emergency vehicle. In some cases, red strobe lights are used in combination with other colors like blue or white.

Red strobe lights can be mounted to your vehicle with a variety of bracket options.

Red LED Light Bars

LED light bars are another option for emergency vehicle lighting. These light bars come in a variety of different options: mini light bars, full size light bars, and interior visor bars.

Who Are Red Warning Lights Used By?

Red emergency lights are commonly used by the police department and law enforcement authorities, firefighters, and other public safety professionals. If you see red emergency lights approaching from a distance, know it is the police department or other emergency responders and to pull over to allow them to pass.

Police Cars

Police vehicles are some of the most common users of red emergency lights, but this can vary by state. In some states, police cars can run a combination of red and blue warning lights; in others, police cars can run a combination of red and white, just blue, or just red lights. They may also use an amber traffic advisor or white scene lights.

Fire Engines

Fire trucks also use red lights. Firefighters need to be easily seen by other motorists so that they can clear a path for the fire truck to get through in case of an emergency.


Ambulances are another emergency vehicle that uses red lights. These lights are used to warn other road users that an ambulance is approaching.

Why Are Red Warning Lights Important?

Red warning lights are an effective way to attract the attention of other motorists and alert them of potential dangers regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. Bright, flashing red lights can be quickly recognized as indicators of emergency situations or approaching emergency vehicles, allowing motorists to slow down, clear a path, and stay safe.

How To Get The Best Emergency Red Lights For Sale

When you want to buy red emergency lights, shape and size aren’t the only factors to keep in mind. It’s also important to consider durability. It is crucial to make sure you opt for high-quality lights that can last a long time. Our warning lights are weather-resistant and SAE-rated for emergency use!

The best part about these lights is that they can be purchased online without any hassle. There is no need to step out of your home in order to get these red warning lights; they are for sale online at

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