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Feniex Quantum 2.0 400 Stick Light
Feniex Feniex Quantum 2.0 400 Stick Light
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Feniex Quantum 2.0 600 Stick Light
Feniex Feniex Quantum 2.0 600 Stick Light
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Feniex Quantum 2.0 800 Light Stick
Feniex Feniex Quantum 2.0 800 Light Stick
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UBL Color Flood 2.0
UBL Electronics UBL Color Flood 2.0
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UBL U-Lite Surface Mount Blue
UBL Electronics UBL U-Lite Surface Mount
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UBL G3 Surface Mount Blue
UBL Electronics UBL G3 Surface Mount
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How to Choose Lights for Your Emergency Vehicle

When it comes to the tools you use on your emergency vehicle, like your LED light bar or strobe lights, quality is of the utmost importance. If you are shopping for light bars or other devices, you should consider the following items before placing any orders.


In most cases, warning lights are used to improve your visibility on the road and to alert other motorists of potential hazards. While this is the primary function of these devices, there are a few other reasons why you may want to purchase and install them on your vehicle. For example, you may also need lights to provide additional lighting when working at accident scenes or during search and rescue missions.


There are a few different types of vehicle lights that you can choose from, including rotating beacons, light bars, and surface-mounted lights. Depending on where you want to install your lights, how bright you need them to be, and what kind of flash patterns you will use, you may choose a different type of light.

If you are interested in emergency light bars for sale, Ultra Bright Lightz has plenty of options for you to choose from!


Most emergency vehicle lights are available in a variety of colors, including red, blue, white, amber, and green. Depending on your needs, you may want to purchase lights in multiple colors to increase visibility with different flashing patterns.

Mounting Options

When choosing emergency vehicle lights, it is important to consider the different mounting options that are available. For example, some lights can be surface-mounted on the body of your vehicle while others may be installed on the grille, dash, or visor.


Depending on the state or municipality where you live, there may be laws and regulations regarding the use of emergency vehicle lights. Be sure to check with your local authorities before making any purchase to ensure compliance.

Benefits of Using Emergency Warning Lights and Sirens

Equipping your vehicle with high-quality, durable warning lights and other tools is essential for keeping passengers and other motorists safe.

Ensure Safe Passage for First Responders and Passengers

In many cases, emergency vehicles are given the right of way to help guarantee the safety of first responders and their passengers. With flashing lights, first responders can alert other motorists of their presence and prompt them to move aside, allowing emergency personnel to safely pass and reach their destination more efficiently with a lower risk of collision.

Improve Safety of Other Drivers

By law, other motorists are required to yield when they see or hear an approaching emergency response vehicle, and the right warning lights and other tools can help keep everyone safe.

Increase Visibility for Law Enforcement

In some cases, emergency vehicle lights can also help improve the visibility of law enforcement officers working at night or during inclement weather conditions. By using flashing lights, police officers can stay visible and safe when working in low-light conditions, or when the roads are busy.

Direct Drivers Around Potential Hazards or Emergency Situations

In some cases, police officers may need to use their flashing lights to direct traffic around potential hazards or accidents. By using the right tools, law enforcement officers can help keep other drivers safe while also ensuring that traffic flows smoothly.

Top Brands of LED Lights for Sale

We regularly update our sales and specials on products across categories, but you can often find some of the following brands in our sale section to suit your budget and needs for LED warning lights.


Feniex Industries is a leading manufacturer of emergency vehicle lights and other products. Their Fusion-S is 60% brighter than the original Fusion line, offering increased visibility for emergency responders. Feniex has also developed the Quad, which is the industry's first 4-color lighting product, for more versatile applications.

Ultra Bright Lightz

Ultra Bright Lightz is a trusted source for emergency vehicle lights and other LED products, as well as sirens, switches, and controllers. For more than 15 years, we have upheld high standards of quality and affordability, so you can find the products you need at the best price.

Where to Get Police Lights, Sirens, and Emergency Lights Discounts Online: Emergency Lights For Sale at Ultra Bright Lights

Shop our exclusive sales on some of the best-performing lighting equipment, sirens, and more at Ultra Bright Lightz! We're happy to offer a variety of discounts so you can purchase the best products, from LED police lights to ambulance sirens and more.

Be sure to take advantage of our current deals on emergency vehicle products at affordable prices!

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