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We offer a variety of products to outfit your emergency vehicles. Choose from our selection of interior and exterior lights, sirens, speakers, consoles, and more! We carry only the best brands in the industry, so you can be sure you're getting the highest quality products available.

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OBD-II Splitter for Z-Flash and Speed Turtle
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Feniex T3 Surface Mount Grille Light Amber
Feniex Feniex T3 Surface Mount Grille Light
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Feniex 4200 Mini Controller
Feniex Triton 100W Speaker
Feniex Fusion/Quad Surface Mount L-Bracket
UBL U-Lite Visor Bar
UBL Electronics UBL U-Lite Visor Bar
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Save $10.00
UBL U-Lite Surface Mount Blue
UBL Electronics UBL U-Lite Surface Mount
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Feniex Typhoon Handheld Siren
Feniex 4200 Controller
Feniex Feniex 4200 Controller
UBL U-Lite L Bracket
UBL Interior Visor Bar Universal Brackets
UBL Large Black L Bracket
Save $30.00
UBL Color Flood 2.0
UBL Electronics UBL Color Flood 2.0
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Feniex Quad Surface Mount
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Sho-Me 7 Pattern LED Flasher
Sho-me/Able 2 Products Sho-Me 7 Pattern LED Flasher
UBL 18in Large Gasket


Everything You Need For Your Emergency Vehicle at Ultra Bright Lightz

When it comes to emergency vehicles, we have you covered!Ultra Bright Lightz is your one-stop shop for all emergency vehicle lights and equipment. We offer a wide selection of products to outfit your emergency response car, truck, or SUV, including:

Emergency Vehicle Lighting Equipment

We offer a wide variety of emergency vehicle lights, from deck and dash lights to grille and visor lights. Among our emergency vehicle warning lights, we carry:

  • Light Bars
  • Visor Lights
  • Dash Lights
  • Beacons
  • Hide-Aways
  • Surface Mounts
  • Grille Lights
  • Perimeter Lights
  • Work & Scene Lights

For the brightest lights to increase your visibility on the road, we carry LED emergency lights for vehicles from top brands. Make sure you can be seen when responding to an emergency with the best emergency flashing lights for vehicles from Ultra Bright Lightz.

Sirens & Speakers

An emergency vehicle siren is a loud noise-making device used to warn the public of imminent danger and clear a path through traffic. Emergency vehicles, such as ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars, typically use emergency vehicle sirens the most.

Controllers & Switches

We carry controllers and switches to make operating your emergency lights and sirens simple and effective. These devices allow the operator to turn the lights and sirens on and off, as well as control the intensity of the light output.

We offer a variety of brackets and mounting supplies to make installing your emergency vehicle lights quick and easy. These products allow you to securely mount your lights where you need them, whether on the roof, grille, bumper, or deck.


Emergency vehicle speakers are an important component in any emergency response vehicle. They allow the operator to communicate with bystanders and other emergency responders, as well as provide clear instructions and warnings to drivers and pedestrians.

Emergency Warning Lights and Other Products for Every Response Vehicle

At Ultra Bright Lightz, we carry products for a range of emergency response vehicles and applications.

Police Lights & Sirens for Public Safety Professionals

Visibility is crucial for law enforcement officers when responding to emergencies. Police lights and sirens help clear a path through traffic and warn drivers and pedestrians of dangers ahead. We carry a number of LED police lights, sirens, and more to keep police officers safe when on the road.

Fire Truck Products

Whether you need to equip fire truck lights, sirens, or lighting modules, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Firefighters often mount red lights on their trucks, though white lights are not uncommon, as well.

Ambulance & EMS Lights and Sirens

We offer a wide selection of ambulance lights and sirens to help you respond quickly and effectively to emergencies. For the best visibility on the road, we recommend our LED emergency lights. We also offer a variety of sirens and speakers to help you communicate with the public and other emergency responders.

Tow Truck Light Bars

Amber warning lights are a must-have for tow trucks. At Ultra Bright Lightz, we offer a wide selection of tow truck light bars, as well as other emergency vehicle lights, to help you stay visible on the road when responding to an emergency and towing another vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Lights and Sirens

Are emergency vehicles required to use lights and sirens?

In most cases, yes. Emergency vehicles are typically required to use lights and sirens when responding to an emergency call. Strobe lights, for example, help ensure emergency vehicles are visible when responding to a situation.

What should you do when an emergency vehicle is approaching?

When an emergency vehicle is approaching, you should pull to the side of the road and stop. This will allow the emergency vehicle to pass safely and arrive at the scene in a timely manner to address the situation.

How to install emergency lights on a vehicle?

Installation will depend on the type of vehicle emergency lights you are using. Some emergency lighting is easy to install, such as the Plug-N-Play models. Others, like some LED emergency light bars, require professional installation to ensure optimal performance.

Shop Essential Products for First Responder Vehicles at Ultra Bright Lightz

At Ultra Bright Lightz, we offer a wide selection of emergency vehicle lights, sirens, and other devices to help you respond quickly and effectively to emergencies. We also carry a range of brackets and mounts to make installation quick and easy.

We are a leading provider of LED warning lights, including LED police lights, LED light bars, and more.

Shop our complete selection of emergency vehicle warning lights and sirens today!

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