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Quad 49in Lightbar
Feniex Feniex QUAD GPL Light Bar
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Feniex Fusion-A GPL 44"
Feniex Feniex Fusion-A GPL 44"
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Feniex Fusion-A GPL 49"
Feniex Feniex Fusion-A GPL 49"
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Feniex Fusion-A GPL 60"
Feniex Feniex Fusion-A GPL 60"


Quality Light Bars at an Affordable Price

Full-size LED light bars are carefully engineered to provide top-notch performance and maximum light output. Design and construction have been streamlined for efficiency, longevity, and durability. A stunning high-wattage of light can easily be controlled with multiple flash patterns and programmable modes. LED light bars are incredibly customizable and many of our light bars can be tailored to your specific applications. 


Each module of a Feniex Fusion GPL Light Bar can be configured with your choice of color (red, blue, white, amber, and green) and light spread (40° long-range optics or 180° wide-angle optics). The result is a truly unique product with endless possibilities. The Feniex Preferred Bars are an affordable option with pre-selected parameters—this option is ideal for those who want the functionality of a full-size light bar, but who don’t need highly-customized features. 


LED light bars are also extremely versatile and can be equipped with different modes and functions, such as: takedown, alley, dim, cruise, work light, flood mode, and Stop/Tail/Turn functionality. This makes LED light bars perfect for a variety of industries. Police and law enforcement, first responders, tow trucks, utility vehicles, and more can rest assured that their light bar will have the right combination of light spread optics, colors, and modes for their particular use.


Despite their size and many features, our LED light bars are also surprisingly easy to install. They’re available with various mounting options: permanent mounts, adjustable foot brackets, headache mounts, and gutter mounts. This makes it easy to install an LED light bar on different vehicle roof types without worrying about compatibility.


Choosing the Right LED Light Bar

Our selection of LED light bars feature innovative designs and technological advancements that are exceeding industry standards. If you need any assistance finding the right LED light bar for your application, feel free to contact us! Our team of highly trained professionals can help you customize a light bar to meet your exact specifications and budget requirements.

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