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Visor Light Bars: A Convenient, Powerful Option for Every Vehicle

Visor light bars are a flexible solution for those who need reliable lighting with options for plug-and-play or hardwired modules. All of our visor light bars come equipped with a variety of flash patterns and color combinations for a wide range of applications and lighting needs.

Benefits of Using Interior Light Bars

The use of LED interior light bars provides a number of benefits, not only to undercover officers but to other emergency personnel, as well.

Discrete Placement

For undercover police officers, the discrete appearance of interior light bars is perfect. Because of the way they are mounted, these light bars are not visible until turned on, making it easier for law enforcement officers to remain undetected until they want to be seen.

Bright & Visible On Command

When you turn on your interior light bar, however, these lights are bright enough to be seen by other motorists, providing the visibility necessary to alert drivers of your presence and prompt them to slow down, pull over, or stop.

Effective Lighting, Minimal Obstruction

For some emergency personnel, it is unnecessary or inconvenient to alter the exterior of their vehicles. LED visor light bars provide a simple, effective solution through easy internal mounting that provide enough brightness for signaling motorists without requiring an external product.

Who Uses LED Visor Light Bars?

Interior light bars are most commonly used by undercover law enforcement officers, but they have a number of versatile applications.

Law Enforcement

Police officers may use visor lights during undercover applications or to maximize their visibility during emergency dispatches. Activating a police LED visor light bar can also be effective for police officers who need to pull another driver over.

Security Vehicles

When on patrol or responding to an incident, security vehicles often need to make themselves visible to pedestrians and motorists alike. Interior visor light bars are perfect for security guards as they are bright enough to be visible through the windshield but are safely mounted on the interior of the vehicle.

Fire Trucks

When there’s a fire emergency, firefighters need to be able to quickly move to the scene. In addition to other lights and sirens, an interior light bar can help drivers see a responding fire truck in their rearview mirror so that they can move aside and let the vehicle safely pass.

Amber Visor Light Bars

The use of amber interior light bars can be suitable for a wider range of vehicles. Our amber visor lights are great for service and utility vehicles, snowplows, tow trucks, wreckers, and more, for example.

Best Visor Light Bars for Law Enforcement Vehicles

Interior LED visor light bars are a fantastic choice for police and undercover personnel due to their strategic and discreet placement. They fit securely against your windshield or sun visor and are nearly undetectable when they’re not in use. Our visor lights are also equipped with flashback guards to ensure that your vision won’t be compromised in potentially dangerous situations.

For official emergency vehicles, we offer our LED visor lights in red, blue, or white and with single, split, or dual color options. Feniex also offers a 4-color visor light bar for first responders.

Get the LED Visor Light Bars You Need From Ultra Bright Lightz

Our LED visor lights are perfect for customers in a wide variety of industries beyond law enforcement, as well. Contact us if you have questions about which light is right for you. We would be happy to suggest the perfect size, features, and color combinations for your specific needs.


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