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ilumex Visor Bar lights on blue and white
Feniex Fusion-S Front Interior Visor Light Bar
Quad Front Interior Light Bar
Feniex Fusion-S Rear Interior LED Light Bar
Quad Rear Interior Light Bar

A Convenient, Powerful Option for Every Vehicle

Our exclusive line of U-Lite LED visor light bars are designed to be installed right out of the box—there is no drilling or hardwiring required. Our full-size UBL U-Lite Visor Bar can easily be installed with one of our universal mounting brackets and plugged right into a cigarette lighter socket. For those requiring a more compact lighting solution, our U-Lite Visor Bar Mini is a fantastic alternative with a smaller footprint.


We proudly carry the entire range of Feniex LED visor bars. The Feniex GEO Series Visor Bar is built with 24, 4-Watt LEDs for an impressive, brilliant output of light. The entire series of Feniex Fusion LED Visor Bars can be configured with customizable optics and takedown lighting modules, an indispensable tool for law enforcement personnel who require additional safety and security features on the road.


Visor light bars are a flexible solution for those who don’t want to permanently configure their vehicles with exterior light bars or hardwire modules. All of our visor light bars come equipped with a variety of flash patterns and color combinations for a wide range of applications and lighting needs.


Perfect for Law Enforcement Vehicles

Interior LED visor light bars are a fantastic choice for police and undercover personnel due to their strategic and discreet placement. They fit securely against your windshield or sun visor and are nearly undetectable when they’re not in use. Our visor lights are also equipped with flashback guards to ensure that your vision won’t be compromised in potentially dangerous situations. For official emergency vehicles, we offer our LED visor lights in red, blue, or white and with single, split, or dual color options.


Our LED visor lights are perfect for customers in a wide variety of industries. Our amber visor lights are great for service and utility vehicles, snowplows, tow trucks, wreckers, and more. Contact us if you have questions about which light is right for you. We would be happy to suggest the perfect size, features, and color combinations for your specific needs.

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