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UBL Recessed Work Light Lights On
Color Flood Mini Pair Red
UBL Slim Work Light
UBL 12-Watt Work Light with light on
UBL 12-Watt Work Light 2-Pack With Lights On
UBL 48-Watt Work Light with lights on
UBL 48-Watt Work Light 2 Pack
UBL Side Shooter Floodlight Pair
UBL Slim+ 36-Watt Light Bar
UBL Slim+ 54-Watt Light Bar
Feniex AM900 Work Light
Feniex Torch Pole Light
Feniex Feniex Torch Pole Light

Engineered for a Wide Range of Applications

Creating and maintaining a safe and secure work zone is always a top priority, especially at night or in extreme weather where visibility is low and accidents are unfortunately common. That’s why you need to outfit your vehicle with powerful lighting and warning solutions that will enable you to perform your job effectively and stay safe while doing it. Our work lights are exceptionally rugged and are designed for extensive commercial and industrial use. They can endure the strain of difficult, rough conditions due to their high-quality aluminum housing and corrosion-resistant hardware. 


Our scene lights are suitable for first responders, firefighters, and emergency personnel who need to illuminate the site of an accident, identify a correct home address, or warn oncoming motorists of nearby hazardous roadway conditions. They can also be used by off-roading enthusiasts who require increased visibility when driving through uneven and unsurfaced terrain. We offer work lights and scene lights in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to select the right combination of products for your specific application.


Trusted By Professionals 

Work lights and scene lights add exceptional value to your vehicle lighting system. Need help finding the best light for your utility truck, emergency vehicle fleet, or off-road SUV? Give us a call—our team of highly trained specialists would be more than happy to suggest the right configuration of lights for your specific industry needs.

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