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ilumex Surface Mount Amber
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Feniex Fusion-S Surface Mount Amber
Feniex Feniex Fusion-S Surface Mount

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Feniex Fusion-S Dual Stack
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Feniex Down-Lux 9x7
Feniex Down Lux 7x3 Surface Mount Scene Light
Feniex Down Lux 6x4 Surface Mount Scene Light

What’s the difference between a surface mount and grille light?

The terms are mostly interchangeable. Surface mounts and grille lights are identical in functionality, but they differ in regards to their placement and application. As the name implies, grille lights can be mounted in the grille-area of your vehicle. They enhance visibility at close range and ensure that you’re seen by nearby and oncoming traffic. Surface mounts are extremely versatile and can be mounted almost anywhere on your car, truck, or service vehicle. They can be installed strategically to maximize visibility from different angles and perspectives, or remain hidden and concealed for undercover use.


How do I mount my grille lights?

Using any of our compatible mounting brackets, like the appropriate L bracket or swivel bracket, you can quickly and easily mount your LED warning lights on a variety of grilles. You can even use a stainless steel machine bolt or stainless steel screw and mount it directly to the front of your vehicle’s grille. You can also use a license plate bracket to mount your grille lights around your vehicle's license plate.


Can grille/surface mounted LED lights damage my vehicle?

Our LED surface mounts and grille lights are incredibly easy to install, but keep in mind that you will need to drill a hole on the surface of your desired mounting location to pass the wires through and install your light. For preventative measures, we sell our grille/surface mount lights with a rubber or foam gasket to protect the mounting surface from getting scratched. Over time, sand, dirt, and other particles build up behind the light and eventually scratch your vehicle’s surface—the protective gasket prevents this from happening.


Where can I mount my perimeter mount light?

LED perimeter mount lights are typically used for firetrucks and ambulances, or wherever larger lights are more appropriate. The Wide-Lux lights from Feniex are a great option for your retro-fit, upgrade, or new-build.

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