Bright red and blue police light barWhen you’re heading into an emergency situation, the last thing you should be concerned with is whether your vehicle equipment is up for the task. That’s why at Ultra Bright Lightz, we offer a wide variety of high-quality police lights, sirens, controllers, and accessories. Our LED warning lights are well-designed, durable, easy to use, and engineered to last—even under the toughest conditions.

We’ve been serving our first responders and law enforcement professionals for 15 years and are dedicated to providing them with top-quality service and long-lasting products. For help finding the right setup for your police vehicle or fleet, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our customer support specialists for assistance! Looking for cost-effective options? We regularly have police lights on sale, so be sure to check back frequently for promotions and specials!

Police Light Bars

For a powerful visual warning, check out our catalog of full size police light bars. Light, aerodynamic, and designed with the latest LED technology, our Feniex and UBL light bars are ideal for pursuit vehicles, patrol cars, and much more!

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Police Dash Lights

Dash lights are perfect for police and law enforcement vehicles, especially in undercover applications. Our dash lights offer outstanding brightness at an affordable price. They’re discreet, stealthy, and best of all, they’re incredibly easy to install!

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Police Visor Bars

For a slicktop lighting setup, try one of our Feniex or UBL visor bars. Visor bars are virtually undetectable until you’re ready to use them, making them an advantageous option for police vehicles and for undercover purposes.

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Police Grille Lights and Surface Mounts

Police lights are used for a variety of purposes. That’s why our LED grille lights and surface mounts are an excellent option for law enforcement vehicles—they’re versatile, compact, mega bright, and can be installed almost anywhere!

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Police Hide-Away Strobe Lights

LED hide-aways can be an essential warning tool for police vehicles and undercover cars. Install them in the taillights or headlights of your cop car, or surface-mount them using a metal flange. They’re mega bright and compact for a variety of applications!

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Police Traffic Advisors

Divert cars away from the scene of an emergency with our traffic advisors and stick lights. Amber traffic advisors are an essential tool for police vehicles and patrol cars that need to effectively guide oncoming traffic away from potentially hazardous situations.

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Police Sirens

Make sure your police vehicle is seen and heard with one of our Feniex or UBL police sirens. They include features like: park-to-kill and horn ring activation, radio rebroadcast, built-in mics and controllers, and plenty of tones for your specific application!

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