Learn More About Our Selection of Whelen Products!

Earlier this summer, we added several Whelen items to our product catalog! This is an opportunity we were super excited about. Whelen is a groundbreaking company, and their products have been trusted by first responders for decades. We’re always looking to add more products to our catalog, so stay tuned for additional Whelen items that may pop up on our site. In the meantime, check out our article down below and explore what we’ve added so far!

Whelen IONS

A longtime favorite of the industry, Whelen IONS are known for their incredible brightness, versatility, and compact design. Featuring hard-coated lenses, 6 super-LEDs, 25 flash patterns, and TIR optics, IONS are the perfect option for a multitude of applications. Currently, we offer the universal mounted option in single color and split color.

Whelen HHS 3200 Handheld Siren

For a reliable siren system, check out the HHS 3200 Handheld Siren. It comes equipped with 37 tones, including wail, yelp, and piercer, amongst others. The amplifier is built with a durable black-molded housing and a comfortable, well-designed handheld controller. It features a windows-based programming software, five programmable siren functions and nine buttons for your lights.

Whelen SA315P Series Speaker

This 100W speaker is the perfect compliment to your HHS 3200 Handheld Siren. It offers flawless tone quality and an incredible frequency response. Designed with a durable nylon composite black housing and a powder-coated speaker driver, the SA315P Series Speaker is sure to stand up to even the harshest weather conditions.

Whelen Mini and Full Size Light Bars

We offer a variety of Whelen light bars that are well-suited to a wide range of emergency vehicle applications. The Liberty II Light Bar is a fan favorite due to its reliability, Super-LED© brightness, WeCan© programmability, and durable aluminum body. The Legacy Series is a fantastic option for first responders who require a more low-profile look with the same high-intensity output of the Liberty series. On the flip side, the Freedom IV Light Bar is a double-stacked option with an unbeatable level of brightness. And finally, the Whelen Justice Light Bar is an affordable option with a rugged hard-coated polycarbonate and aluminum body that is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

For custom light bar orders, be sure to contact one of our sales support specialists for assistance.

We’re super excited to offer these Whelen items, backed by the same high-quality customer service you’ve come to expect from Ultra Bright Lightz. Stay tuned for more product updates and launches, and as always, be sure to give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions or feedback.