5 Things to Know About the New ilumex Max Line

This past summer, we released our ilumex Dual Color Surface Mounts—an exciting new addition to our cost-effective line of emergency vehicle lighting products. Now, we’re expanding this line again with the upcoming launch of our ilumex Max Surface Mounts. Featuring the same technology our customers have come to love, the ilumex Max will be a fantastic option for those who require a bigger product footprint. Interested in what the ilumex Max will have to offer? Keep on reading! 

Bigger for Those Who Need It!

Our ilumex Surface Mounts are a fan favorite due to their affordability, incredible brightness, and compact size. They’re easy to mount on nearly all surfaces of your vehicle. But we also understand that some first responders need grille lights with more LEDs and larger dimensions. That’s why we created the ilumex Max! It offers the bigger proportions first responders need without sacrificing the power and wattage of our original light. The ilumex Max will feature 6 LEDs instead of the usual 4.

They’re Available in Single or Dual Color

Depending on your state’s emergency vehicle lighting laws, you may have very specific color requirements to follow. That’s why we’re offering the ilumex Max Surface Mounts in single and dual color configurations! So whether you’re responding to emergencies, plowing during an insane snowstorm, or directing traffic, you’re covered!

Three Modes, Tons of Flash Patterns, and More!

To get the most out of your ilumex Max Surface Mount, we’ve designed it with three modes. This is a fantastic feature for those who need maximum versatility and functionality, especially if you’re running more than one color. The ilumex Max also offers a whopping 40 flash patterns, and more than enough mounting options for your unique application.

Built to Resist the Elements

Just like the rest of our ilumex products, the ilumex Max is water-sealed and is weather-damage resistant. It’s built with an incredibly durable aluminum housing, ensuring that your light stands the test of time in even the harshest weather conditions.

They’re SAE Rated!

Our ilumex Max meets and exceeds SAE J595 Class 1 specifications, just like the rest of our ilumex and U-Lite products. We’re incredibly proud of this fact! Rest assured, our ilumex Max Surface Mounts will provide you with the kind of brightness and functionality that you require on the road and at the scene.

The ilumex Max will be launching very soon, and we couldn’t be more excited for you to check it out. For more information about the ilumex Max, check out our First Look video down below! And as always, feel free to reach out to our sales support team with any other questions!