5 Things to Know About the New ilumex Visor Bar

Visor bars provide an incredible amount of coverage without the hassle of a hardwired installation. And while all of our UBL and Feniex visor bars can, in fact, be hardwired if you choose, they also come with build-in features that provide a super easy plug-in-play experience. That being said, we’re super excited to be adding another visor bar to our family of products: the new UBL ilumex Visor Bar. Set to launch later this month, the ilumex Visor Bar will provide advanced functionality for a fraction of the price of other competitors. Keep reading to find out more about this awesome new light!

Completely Customizable

Get the exact setup you need with our ilumex Visor Bar. Your module configuration is totally customizable; just select the colors you want in the order you need them before checkout. The ilumex Visor Bar is available in all standard emergency colors, so getting the right display for your application is super easy! Plus, all visor bars are built on-site at Ultra Bright Lightz, so rest assured you’ll get your order super quick!

Off-Axis Visibility

One of the features we’re super excited about is the exclusive pivoting inner module. It can be kept flush with the rest of your modules, or turned to provide off-axis visibility. This feature is especially handy for first responders who want an extra dose of intersection lighting for their vehicles. Broadside lighting is incredibly vital for any vehicle driving through dangerous intersections during an emergency call.

Mega Bright, of Course!

Our ilumex Visor Bar is built with 10 modules, 40 3-watt LEDs, and patented TIR optics. Providing 40-degrees of visibility, this visor bar will look intensely bright at long distances. Combine that with your choice of 30 flash patterns, and you’ve got an incredibly versatile light that is perfect for a wide range of uses.

Built-In Features

Like many of our other ilumex and U-Lite products, the ilumex Visor Bar comes equipped with a built-in controller and a cigarette lighter plug. This backlit controller will allow you to seamlessly control your patterns and activate your traffic advisor, at no additional cost to you. And the cigarette lighter plug provides a quick, plug-n-play solution for a super easy installation.

Versatile Mounting Options

Nervous about flashback? Not to worry! Each ilumex Visor Bar will be shipped with a flashback guard and gasket for a tighter, more secure fit against your windshield, should you need it. It also comes equipped with a set of universal mounting brackets, but you’re also free to purchase vehicle-specific brackets!

Stay tuned for the launch of our ilumex Visor Bar. Interested? We guarantee you’ll be pleased with its advanced features and affordable price. We’ll let you know when it drops, so keep up with us on our social media channels for release dates!