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Color Flood Mini Pair Red
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Color Flood 2.0 Red Blue
UBL Electronics UBL Color Flood 2.0

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UBL Slim Work Light
UBL Slim+ 36-Watt Light Bar
UBL Slim+ 54-Watt Light Bar
Feniex AM900 Work Light

LED Off-Road Lights in All Shapes and Sizes

Whichever shape and size led off-road light or led work light you need, we have it! Ultra Bright Lightz has a great selection of square off-road lights, round off-road lights, cube off-road lights, and off-road light bars in various lengths.  We also offer our offroad lights in flood beam, spot beam, and combo beam in order to suit everyone's needs.  The flood beam option is best for wide-spread view closer to the light.  These are often used in construction sites.  The spot beam is best for long-range viewing at far distances.  The combo beam is the best of both worlds, it is a combination of both spot and flood beams to see up close and for far distances. These lights are extremely bright no matter how you are using them!

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