Choosing the Best LED Work Lights for Your Vehicle

Work zones and construction areas can be dangerous, high-risk places. Tack on poor weather conditions and nighttime/off-peak hours, and the risks increase significantly. According to the National Security Council, there were 754 fatalities and 45,400 work zone-related crashes in 2018.¹ To increase visibility and awareness, construction areas require heavy-duty, reliable work lights and scene lights. Bright, effective LED work lights can mean the difference between safety and danger.

Here at Ultra Bright Lightz, we stock an incredible range of work lights. Explore some of these options in our handy guide down below!

UBL Work Lights

Our series of UBL Work Lights are reliable, versatile, and incredibly bright. Featuring 3-watt LEDs, a durable aluminum construction, and polycarbonate lenses, these work lights are perfect for a wide range of applications. From work trucks to heavy equipment, trust our UBL Work Lights to help you on the job.

UBL Slim Light Bars

Don’t let the thin design fool you—our line of UBL Slim Light Bars are mega bright and perfect for emergency vehicles, work trucks, off-road vehicles, and more! UBL Slim Light Bars are designed with spot and flood beams, a durable aluminum housing, and polycarbonate lenses. They’re even IP67 rated!

Feniex Fusion Work Lights

Illuminate your work zone with 4-watts of high-output lighting. Feniex Fusion Work Lights provide the kind of steady, intense power that will turn any night into day. Featuring 40-degree optics, a weatherproof design, and multiple mounting options, Feniex Fusion Work Lights are slim enough for a wide range of applications, while still maintaining a high level of brightness.

Feniex AM900

The Feniex AM900 packs a ton of power within a small frame. With the ability to produce 1400 lumens, the AM900 is perfect for work trucks, utility vehicles, tow trucks, and off-road vehicles. Corrosion and weather-resistant, lightweight, and extremely durable, the AM900 is a fantastic, versatile warning light option!

Feniex Torch Light

Designed with an adjustable 70” pole, 84 high-powered LEDs, and a 110-degree light spread, the Feniex Torch Light provides tons of power and illumination. It’s guaranteed to light up any work zone or construction area. If a high-output, mega bright light is your goal, the Torch Light is a fantastic option!

Your safety is our number one goal. With the right set of LED work lights, you can increase the visibility of your construction project so that you can focus on getting the job done right. For more information about our LED warning lights, give us a call and one of our sales support specialists will be happy to help!



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