What is Wig-Wag?

While some automotive terms make it clear what they are, others are not as easy to understand. Wig-wag is a term that is thrown around in some car spaces, but you have to learn about it to fully understand it. Fortunately, this guide will tell you everything you need to know!

Wig-Wag and Lights: Everything You Need to Know

Let’s take a look at wig-wag devices and how they impact your car.

What is Wig-Wag?

Wig-wag is the term used to reference the wig-wag device or vehicle flasher, which is a unique accessory in the automotive industry. Made to help support and control the flashing of headlights and other emergency vehicle lights in some instances, a wig-wag will influence the way that a vehicle’s headlights operate during use. The outcome can vary depending on the system and the driver’s preferences.

How Does Wig-Wag Work?

Older forms of wig-wag devices focus specifically on flashing one vehicle headlight at a time, often in quick succession. Although this is still considered the standard wig-wag, modern systems are able to accommodate more than the traditional features that we are accustomed to seeing with emergency vehicles.


Wig-wag devices work by taking complete control of the lighting system in a vehicle, allowing new patterns to be explored. This means that the system can oscillate how the lights activate and can even mix between high and low beams. Ultimately, it makes vehicles highly visible and can be used to generate awareness.


Wig-wag devices are limited to emergency vehicles in many places, but local laws can vary.

What Does Wig-Wag Use Look Like?

Seeing wig-wag devices in action is much easier from outside of the vehicle. From that angle, it is clear that the lights are moving and changing under the direction of the device.


In most cases, wig-wag will look like lights that are flashing in specific yet irregular patterns. These lights may flicker, flash, or move to very specific rhythms depending on the setting of the device. The most common is flashing off and on for set intervals, but the patterns can change depending on what wig-wag device is being used and how it has been configured to match the preferences of the vehicle owner.

How Can You Bring a Wig-Wag Device to Your Vehicle?

A wig-wag device is not a standard feature in most cars, which means you will need to buy one. Although some auto parts stores may carry these devices, they are much easier to find when you shop with online brands. You can find a great match with a company that specializes in vehicle lights, like our team at Ultra Bright Lightz!

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