Dash Lights Explained

Lights can be added all around the vehicle, but dash lights are certainly one of the more popular options. Drivers appreciate the ways that these lights can help them to remain visible at all times, and they play an essential role in professional communication.


In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about dash lights.

Breaking Down the Basics of Dash Lights

What are dash lights, and who do they support? Let’s find out!

What Are Dash Lights?

Dash lights are a type of lighting feature for a vehicle that is designed to be placed on or around the dashboard of a car. These low-profile lights are an exceptional option for adding to existing LED warning lights or emergency vehicle lights, giving drivers another way to add visibility to their vehicle and communicate with other drivers.

Who Uses Dash Lights?

Dash lights can be used for professional and recreational reasons, which means that a lot of different people can use them. However, dash lights are most commonly used by those in professional and emergency services.


The most common dash lights users are:

  • Emergency first responders

  • Police officers

  • EMTs

  • Construction crews

  • Transportation drivers

  • Commercial drivers

What Are Dash Lights Used For?

Dash lights can be used for just about anything if they are specialized for that function, but their main purpose is to increase visibility or to send a clear message to other people on the road. These lights make cars very easy to see, especially at night, because they are commonly very bright and designed with very specific colors.


Dash lights function as:

  • Emergency vehicle lights

  • LED warning lights

  • Police signals

  • Beacons

Can Anyone Buy Dash Lights?

Since dash lights are associated with emergency personnel and law enforcement officers, you might wonder what the laws are with these lights. Are they truly available for anyone, or are these lights specific to approved professions?


In every case, this will depend on where you are.


Purchasing and owning dash lights and emergency lights is legal for civilian drivers. However, that does not mean that using them always is. Many states have regulations regarding how these lights can be used, when these lights can be used, and who can use them too.


Most states have a clear ban on using dash lights or other emergency vehicle lights that make civilian drivers appear to be emergency responders or law enforcement, so check the laws before using your lights in public spaces.

What Color Are Dash Lights?

Lights used to be fairly limited in color, but that is no longer the case. Today, you can buy a wide range of LED warning lights and other types of similar lights in all kinds of different colors. In the majority of cases, dash lights come in multiple colors.


Common dash light colors include:

  • White

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Amber

  • Green

Remember, just because you can buy lights in a certain color, it does not mean you can legally use them.

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