What is a Rocker Panel?

Your vehicle’s rocker panel may not stand out to you, but it does play a very important part in keeping your car safe and functional. From integrity to design, the rocker panel has plenty to offer drivers, which is why this is a great part of your car to upgrade.


In this article, we will explore what a rocker panel is and how it supports your vehicle.

Exploring the Rocker Panel: What You Need to Know

Rocker panels are a core element of the average vehicle and have played many important roles throughout the history of vehicle design. From protection to acting as the ideal location for emergency vehicle lighting and LED warning lights, the rocker panel is an interesting part of a vehicle to explore.

What is a Rocker Panel?

A rocker panel is a bar on a vehicle that plays a critical role in your vehicle’s structural integrity, as well as its driving mechanics, while on the road. Most people barely notice this part of the car, but it is important and also presents an opportunity to upgrade your vehicle. A typical rocker panel is a simple bar, but you can add even more function by introducing one with lights.

What Does a Rocker Panel Do?

A rocker panel has a few functions in the modern world. The first is that it is one of the points of connection between the front and back of your vehicle. What it does has actually changed throughout the years, often centering around a vehicle’s structural integrity, and now, it can even act as a design element while still serving very important functions.

What is a Rocker Panel Used For?

A rocker panel and what it is used for may vary depending on your vehicle, but these car parts support connection, influence handling in the vehicle, and can also play a core role in your vehicle’s safety. The rocker panel helps in the event of a collision, acting as a point of protection to keep you safe. It is very important to always have these on your vehicle while it is in use.


Rocker panels are also commonly used for decoration and to support emergency vehicle lights too. The panels can give the appearance of an underglow, improve the visibility of a vehicle, and can even be used to communicate a need for caution to other drivers.

Where to Place a Rocker Panel

The rocker panel is located in the same place on nearly every vehicle—right below the doors. It is visible along that edge, and it will run the full length, connecting the front and back of the vehicle.


A rocker panel is not an aesthetic piece, although it certainly can become one. However, it is considered a part of the vehicle’s overall structure and frame. You will attach it to the base of your vehicle.

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