How to Make a Light Flash

Lights serve many functions for us throughout the day and night, especially while driving vehicles. A nice set of lights can make your vehicle more visible, and it can also help you to see at night. Of course, if you are looking for improved visibility or for a great way to communicate with other vehicles on the road and any pedestrians that walk by, there is no better way than using flashing lights.


Let’s explore how you can make a light flash and use this to communicate with those around you.

Making LED Lights Flash: What You Need to Know

On a vehicle, flashing lights are often considered to be LED warning lights or emergency vehicle lights. These prominent lights are highly visible and are available in a wide range of colors, which can offer a wonderful upgrade to your car.


If you are looking to make your LED lights flash, you may be surprised to learn that you have quite a few options for this. There are several ways to achieve flashing vehicle lights, and there are plenty of options if you need LED warning lights for other purposes too!

Use a Pre-Built Feature

Most vehicles come with a standard-issue option to flash your lights. What lights this includes, the rate at which they flash, and how bright they are can all vary depending on your vehicle. You can activate your emergency vehicle lights using the appropriate button, which often looks like a red warning symbol on your vehicle dashboard.

Use a BCM Flasher

To take your vehicle’s stock lights one step further, a BCM flasher is a really great option. These amazing devices allow you to connect directly with your vehicle, giving you complete control over all of your vehicle’s lights instead of the few that activate when using standard-issue flashers. You can even dictate the pattern that they follow.

Add New LED Flashing Lights

If you are looking to step away from your standard lights and hoping to add some new ones, this is absolutely something you can do. There are plenty of LED warning lights and emergency vehicle lights available that offer a simple installation process and can help you to add lights exactly where you want them.

Get Creative With Your Designs

There are many reasons to use flashing lights in life, and you can absolutely get creative with the approach you take to making lights flash. The previously listed methods are great for vehicle lights, but you can purchase independent flashing lights for a wide range of purposes in countless different colors as well.

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