First Look: Feniex AI Off-Road Lights

ai series
The Feniex AI Off-Road Light Bar Series is an entirely new concept from Feniex Industries! The AI Series is the first variable lighting product on the market! You can change the optics light spread manually on the fly or electronically with the steering wheel mounted controller that adjusts as your turn it to see what [...]

What's the Difference Between 40° and 180° Optics?

180 degree module
With the recent release of the new Feniex Fusion line, there have been many people asking: what's the difference between the 40° and 180° optics? Is one brighter than the other? The short answer is no, neither is brighter than the other. However, depending on where the light is being looked at [...]

6 Reasons Why Your Next Light Should be a Feniex Fusion

amber lights
1. 40° or 180° Degree Optics The Feniex Fusion Modules are available in two different degree optic options: 40° or 180° in order to suit your warning light needs. Many people ask what's the difference? The 40° optics are meant for long range visibility. This means that they will be brighter from a farther distance down the road, [...]

First Look: Feniex Spoiler Mounts

chevy tahoe
Available soon from Feniex Industries in Austin, Texas, the Feniex Apollo Spoiler Mount Lights and Feniex Cobra Spoiler Mounts Lights. With prices starting at just $499.99 and packed with the same great lighting you've come to expect from Feniex, these lights will surely impress! The Spoiler Mounts are vehicle specific for both the Tahoe and the Explorer and cut installation [...]

Feniex Apollo F6 vs Apollo F12, what's the difference?

What's the difference between the Feniex Dual Color Apollo F12 and Feniex Single Color Apollo F6? Feniex recently upgraded their Apollo Dual Color modules to “F12's”. What does this really mean? It means more LEDs and higher intensity! The older style “F6” dual color modules had 6 LEDs in today, 3 for each color. The [...]

FIRST LOOK: Feniex Apollo Light Sticks

feneix apollo light sticks
We're excited to bring you a first look at the much anticipated Feniex Apollo Light Sticks! The Apollo modules fit into a sturdy aluminum frame, just like that of the Feniex Cobra series. Wide-lens optics with reflector lens between modules ensure you 180° optics are not interrupted! Easy slide-in, slide-out assembly for modules.They are expected to be [...]

FIRST LOOK: Feniex T-3 Surface Mount/Grill Lights

We're excited to introduce the Feniex T-3 lights. A surface mount/grill light that is poised to be the brightest on the market! And what's even better is they will cost less than $30! This light features a 60° light spread. There are 3 4-watt LEDs. They will not be driven past the 4-watt rating, which [...]

FIRST LOOK: Feniex Luminex LED Hide-a-way

We're excited to tell you about the NEW Feniex Luminex 12 LED Hide-a-way. This also brings along some great new changes to the Cannon Hide-a-ways! First, both of these lights introduce a "quick disconnect" feature. This no longer requires you to splice the head, or try and feed the controller through your hole. A simple, [...]