What's the difference between the Feniex Dual Color Apollo F12 and Feniex Single Color Apollo F6? Feniex recently upgraded their Apollo Dual Color modules to “F12's”. What does this really mean? It means more LEDs and higher intensity! The older style “F6” dual color modules had 6 LEDs in today, 3 for each color. The new style “F12” have 12 LEDs in total, 6 for each color. This change now allows the single color and dual color to be the same intensity. While the change has unfortunately created a price difference between the single and dual color lights because of the added LEDs, but the extra money is well worth the extra intensity!

As a Authorized Master Dealer, you can be assured that we are sell genuine products. All of our dual color products are now shipping with the 12 LED modules, unless otherwise noted.

As a benefit to shopping with us, we're a stocking dealer, so you can score a great deal on the closeout F6 style dual color modules!