We're excited to bring you a first look at the much anticipated Feniex Apollo Light Sticks! The Apollo modules fit into a sturdy aluminum frame, just like that of the Feniex Cobra series. Wide-lens optics with reflector lens between modules ensure you 180° optics are not interrupted! Easy slide-in, slide-out assembly for modules.

They are expected to be available in 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 head bars. They are expected to have the same functionality as the Apollo Visor bars. Meaning they can work in multiple modes:

1) Dual Color Standard: 3 LEDs one color, 3 LEDs another color.
2) Dual Color Flood: 3 LEDs one color, 3 white LEDs as takedown.
3) Dual Color Arrow: 3 LEDs one color, 3 amber LEDs as traffic controller.
4) Extreme Single Color: 6 LEDs of the same color.

Check back soon for more information, pricing, and pre-orders! Expect these to begin shipping at the end of the year!