1. 40° or 180° Degree Optics

    The Feniex Fusion Modules are available in two different degree optic options: 40° or 180° in order to suit your warning light needs. Many people ask what's the difference? The 40° optics are meant for long range visibility. This means that they will be brighter from a farther distance down the road, similar to the Cobra modules. The 180° optics are meant for wide range visibility. This means that they will be brighter from all angles of the light, but at a shorter distance, similar to the Apollo modules.

    Feniex Fusion Modules 40 Degrees vs 180 Degrees

      2. Brighter than Bright!

      Brighter = Safer when it comes to emergency vehicle warning lights. The LED Feniex Fusion modules are extremely bright. The 40° modules produce 1800 candelas and the 180° modules produce 900 candelas! These lights are sure to move traffic fast when you're responding.

      Feniex Fusion 2X Dash Light 40 and 180 Degree Modules

        3. Mix and Match Modules

        In all of the Feniex Fusion lights where there are more than 1 light module, you have the ability to mix and match modules! This means you can choose any combination of 40° and 180° modules. For example, you can have a 49” light bar with 180° optics on the sides and back of the bar and 40° modules on the front so cars can see you coming.

        Feniex Fusion 2X Dash Light

          4. You Won't Break the Bank

          Even though these lights are so advanced, they are still affordable. The Single Color Fusion Lights are the same low prices as the Cobra Lights and the Dual Color Fusion Lights are the same prices as the Dual Color Apollo Lights! You get brighter lights for the same price.

          UBL Piggy Bank

          5. Made in America

          We love to support our country and economy by selling a brand that is only made in America. By buying Feniex Industries lights from Ultra Bright Lightz, you are fully supporting American jobs and business.

          Feniex American Flag

          6. Let's be honest...they're really cool

          Have you seen these lights?! They look amazing. You will be the envy of all warning light users!