How to Choose Strobe Lights for Your Emergency Vehicle

Most people hear 'strobe lights' and think of the flashing red and blue lights on top of a police vehicle. While that is a great example, strobe lights are far more diverse and come in a variety of types, colors, and with several functions. Compared to headlights or work lights that stay on, strobe lights have the ability to flash on and off or oscillate between different colors.

What strobe light is right for you? Keep reading to find out!

Tip: Before purchasing, be sure to check your state laws.

What is the purpose of strobe lights?

Strobe lights, in part, alert nearby drivers of an emergency. They may be used in conjunction with sirens or on their own to indicate towing or construction zones. Strobe lights can alert drivers to urgent situations, get them to make way for emergency vehicles, or urge them to pull over for a traffic stop.

Who can use them?

Before we explore all the different kinds of strobe lights, who can use them?

Vehicles most associated with emergency strobe lights are: police vehicles, ambulances, and fire trucks. Volunteer first responders and search and rescue vehicles are often required to use some form of strobe lighting, too. There are other instances where they may be utilized, but these industries vary by state. Examples include: private security vehicles, utility vehicles, tow trucks, and construction vehicles.

Even the vehicles that are required to use strobe lights may have specific laws about how many lights they can install and the type of products they can use, so check your local regulations.

What options are there?

There are several factors to consider before purchasing strobe lights, predominantly: application, vehicle placement, permanency, and budget.*

*All price ranges are subject to change and reflect UBL’s product pricing at the time of writing.

Surface Mounts

Some surface mounts/grille lights come in one color, but others are available in dual, tri, and even quad color.

Placement: These lights can be installed nearly anywhere on your vehicle and come with a variety of bracketing options.

Price Range: $29.99-$199.99

Stick Lights

These lights come in a variety of sizes (we offer stick lights with up to 8 modules) and color combinations. Depending upon the stick light, you can customize your colors and mounting brackets.

Placement: These lights are great for interior and exterior use.

Price Range: $69.99-$1,399.99

Visor Light Bars

Like stick lights, LED colors are customizable (in most visor bars). Feniex also offers the world's first 4-color LED interior light bar!

Placement: Visor light bars mount internally with vehicle-specific brackets.

Price Range: $199.99-$899.99

Full-Sized Light Bars

We offer a variety of full-sized light bars. For a fully customized option, try the Feniex Fusion-S GPL Exterior Light Bar!

Placement: Permanent, gutter, headache, or adjustable foot & gutter mounts are available (on several but not all light bars).

Price Range: $699.99-$1,899.99

Mini Light Bars

With a variety of colors to choose from you get all the power of a light bar without taking up as much space.

Placement: Magnetic or permanent mounting depending on the mini light bar.

Price Range: $179.99-$449.99


Small, compact, and sold in a variety of colors.

Placement: Headlights, taillights, or surface mounted.

Price Range: $54.99-$69.99

Dash Lights

Bright when you need it, hidden when you don’t.

Placement: Interior mounting with suction cups or more permanent brackets. Dash lights are easy to move around and are great for undercover purposes.

Price Range: $69.99-$275.99

Perimeter Lights

These lights come in a variety of emergency colors.

Placement: Mirror, pillar, and spoiler mounts.

Price Range: $249.99-$989.99

For more about the right light for you, check out The Best LED Warning Lights for Police Vehicles.

With so many kinds of strobe lights available, it may be difficult to choose the right setup for your application. Feel free to reach out to an Ultra Bright Lightz support specialist if you have any questions.

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