Let’s Shine a Light on Our Black Friday Deals!

What’s bigger, better, and brighter than a regular day of amazing deals? Black Friday sales at Ultra Bright Lightz! With discounts on your favorite emergency lights and sirens, you won’t want to look away. Don’t miss out on some of our best deals of the year!

Deals Under $50

U-Lite 2x Dash Lights: $47

U-Lite 2x Dash Lights are a versatile option for volunteers and full-time emergency personnel. Mount on your windshield in seconds with suction cups and plug it into the cigarette lighter for quick use and removal. Convenience does not compromise functionality, though. These lights feature two modules, each with six 3-Watt LEDs, 40° TIR optics, 18 built-in flash patterns, and can be purchased in several color combinations. 
Get them for $47 each while the deals last!

Deals Under $100

Quad Surface Mount: $79

Feniex’s QUAD Surface Mount is not just the brightest in the industry, it is the world’s first four-color emergency warning lighting line. This SAE-certified light is programmable with fifteen color settings (single, dual, tri, and quad), and can flash between red, blue, amber, and white. It is flood; cruise; and stop, turn & tail mode pattern capable. Mount this light on your grille, license plate, windows, hood, or wherever else it fits. 

Get it for $79 during our Black Friday sale!

Deals on Big Ticket Items 

ilumex Stick Lights: 10% off

ilumex Stick Lights come in a variety of sizes and generally range from $99.99 for the 200 Stick Lights to $299.99 for the 800 Stick Lights. Whatever the number of modules or flash patterns, these lights offer strong 3-Watt LEDs, 40° TIR patented optics, and either single or double color configurations. 

Get them for 10% off while you can!

Whelen Handheld Siren: $389

The Whelen HHS 3200 comes with a durable siren and a handheld controller. With five programmable siren functions, nine programmable buttons for lights and/or equipment, thirty-seven tone options, and software for full customization, the Whelen HHS is an alarmingly good deal. Compatible with both high and low current products and any light with a built-in flasher, this system is perfect for emergency response vehicles.

For Black Friday only, get it for $389!

UBL Handheld Siren Kits: $139

If you’re looking for a more affordable handheld siren, our Handheld Siren Kit is the way to go! Like the Whelen, it has nine programmable buttons for lights and five for siren tones. It also comes with six pre-programmed tones and the ability to add up to thirty of your own. Our HHS Kit still has all the features you love like horn ring, park kill, radio broadcast, and a built-in microphone. It’s an amazing bang for your buck this holiday season!

Get it for $139 during our Black Friday sale!

Free UBL Mini Controller

Do you love these products? You’re in luck! With any purchase of $249 or more, you get a free UBL Mini Controller! This eight-button programmable controller is perfect for tow trucks, snow plows, or any emergency vehicle. Use it to control LED warning lights, sirens, air horns, work lights, off-road lights, and more! Usually a $79.99 purchase, the UBL Mini Controller is always an amazing buy, but on Black Friday, it’s a must-have!

Do you have questions about our deals or any other products? Reach out to a UBL sales support specialist!

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