The Best LED Warning Lights for Police Vehicles

A black and white sedan decked out with red and blue lights is the iconic depiction of a police car. With an image so ingrained in the public psyche, how varied can they really look? Over the years, police vehicles have evolved and been adapted to suit a broad range of situations. As such, the standard warning lights have also changed based on the vehicle’s requirements and functions. While these lights can be used on almost all police vehicles, it does not mean they should be. Considerations must be made in regards to stealth, speed, visibility, terrain, and more. 

Which lights are best for your police vehicle? Find out below!

Tip: if you’re looking to outfit your vehicle with additional LED lights, we always recommend checking your local state laws to be sure you are in compliance with all regulations. 

Light Bars

LED light bars come in a variety of customizable options and modes. They provide great visibility and offer diverse illumination patterns. The Feniex GPL Light Bar is a lighter, more aerodynamic option compared to other light bars in the industry. This makes them a fantastic choice for pursuit vehicles which engage in a lot of high-speed driving— the lighter the equipment, the better! With several customizable options, there is a light bar for all types of police vehicles.

Mini Light Bars

These powerful lights can be used for long distance and wide angle visibility. Mini light bars are a great alternative to the full sized bars if space or price is an issue. They can be magnetically mounted or more permanently with brackets.

Visor Light Bars

LED visor bars are customizable, quick to install, and come with a variety of flash patterns. They are a good option for pursuit vehicles as they are mounted to the visor and do not impact aerodynamics like some externally mounted lights might. Because they are discrete, these lights are also a great option for undercover police vehicles. Their sleek design and strong light output makes them a good choice if you are looking for something on the larger side.

Dash Lights

There are several variations of dash lights available, all of which are discrete and mounted on the vehicle’s interior. Like visor light bars, this makes dash lights a good choice for pursuit vehicles. Since they attach via industrial-strength suction cups, they are easy to move from one vehicle to another and are designed to use quickly. They can be paired with your visor bar, but these bright lights are strong enough to stand alone as well. They are also great for visibility in the dark and for special service vehicles. 

Surface Mounts

Surface mounts and grille lights are excellent choices for all types of police vehicles.  At Ultra Bright Lightz, we have both single color and dual color configurations, as well as a wide variety of mounting options that are perfect for all types of applications. Surface mounts can be installed nearly anywhere on your vehicle and aid in visibility from all angles. They are small and incredibly versatile!

Stick Lights

These LED stick lights come in a variety of sizes and colors. Smaller stick lights are great for interior use like side and rear windows or exterior use like grilles and push bumpers. They are light-weight, bright, and durable making them perfect for active response vehicles and special service vehicles alike. Optics vary by model, but you can control your stick lights to meet a wide range of visibility. 


Like stick lights, hide-away strobe lights are compact, light-weight, and versatile which make them ideal for all vehicles, especially for undercover applications. They can be mounted inside headlights or taillights, or on the vehicle’s surface. These lights are a small addition that can make a big impact for the right vehicle. 

The best lights for your vehicle depend on the capacity in which it functions. Luckily, we have a variety to choose from! For more information, check out our website.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to an Ultra Bright Lightz sales support specialist!

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