The Best Warning Lights for Firefighters

Although firefighting is most often associated with big red trucks, there are several different vehicles that respond to fires. Similarly, there are a variety of lighting types designed to best suit the needs of firefighters.
Which lights are best for your fire-response vehicle? Find out below!

Tip: Check your state laws to be sure you are in compliance with all regulations!

What color lights can firefighters use?

Different light colors are associated with different situations. Red lights are usually reserved for emergencies and are located in most fire response vehicles. On certain vehicles, they can be used in conjunction with white lights. Depending on the state they may be paired with blue lights as well. Be mindful as some states have designated red and white lights for ambulances and red and blue lights for police use only.

Some volunteers may use green or blue lights, though the laws on style and access may vary. Investigate before you invest! Light color varies by departmental position (volunteers, chief, etc.) and state/municipality.

What lighting options are there?

Note: Not every light in each category fits every position. Please check light color and legal usage for your situation.

Feniex or U-Lite Dash Light:

A quick, temporary option, dash lights are perfect for volunteer firefighters with POVs. We offer a few sizes and colors, and a permanent mounting option if desired. With the Feniex Fusion-S 2X Dash Light, you can even choose two different colors.

Feniex Light Bar:

These light bars are now brighter than ever and can mount on fire trucks and engines for optimal visibility. They are not suitable for volunteers, so be mindful when buying. For a smaller option that can be installed permanently or magnetically, try the Feniex Fusion-S Mini Light Bar.

Scene Lights:

Scene lights are another permanent option for fire trucks and fire engines. These white lights are perfect for brightening up an emergency scene. They can help you get a clearer view of things like house numbers and street signs when en route to an emergency.

U-Lite Visor Bar:

With 16 flash patterns and a universal mounting frame, this light is both simple to use and affordable. For volunteers and those with POVs, plug the U-Lite Visor Bar into the cigarette lighter. If you need something more long-term, we offer a hardwiring option as well. This light is an incredibly flexible option for any member of the fire department. It comes in a smaller size, too!

Surface Mounts:

These lights come in a variety of sizes and offer diverse functions for any fire response vehicle. Larger lights, like the Feniex Lux Series, are ideal for greater visibility on massive fire engines. Smaller surface mounts are great for use on trucks, SUVs, and more. These lights are powerful, versatile, and an excellent choice to brighten up your vehicle.

When it comes to lighting your vehicle, there are a lot of options. Before buying, consider your state laws, departmental position, and the permanency of your lights. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to an Ultra Bright Lightz support specialist.

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