UBL Spade Ring Terminal Set

UBL ElectronicsSKU: UBL-A-360S

Sale price$14.99


Easily connect your light and siren wires with the UBL Spade Ring Terminal Set. Designed to easily connect wires to fuse boxes, switches, and connect wires together. This set is designed to help you complete your entire LED emergency light and siren set up.

What's Included:

  • 350pcs Connectors
  • Plastic Sorting Case

Tech Specs:

  • 350pcs Connectors:
    • Ring Terminals (120Pcs): 70pcs Blue & 50pcs Yellow
    • Spade Terminals (50Pcs): 30pcs Blue & 20pcs Yellow
    • Butt Connectors (75Pcs): Red 30pcs, Blue 30pcs, & 15pcs Yellow
    • Male & Female quick-connectors (50Pcs): Male 25pcs & Female 25pcs
    • Male & Female Bullets (35Pcs): Male 25pcs & Female 25pcs
    • Male & Female Spade Crimp Connectors (20Pcs): Male 10pcs & Female 20pcs
    • Line Connectors (10pcs)
  • Plastic sorting case included

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