Why Are Police Lights Red and Blue?

In movies, songs, and on the side of the road, we all recognize those signature red and blue lights when they are flashing. Police lights are a type of emergency vehicle lights that are commonly seen in red and blue. In this article, we will explore the function of these emergency vehicle lights and what makes their color pattern so special.

Understanding the Colors at Work in Police Lights

Police lights are designed to attract attention, and they are considered to be highly recognizable. Before you can understand why police lights are the colors that they are, we need to explore the true meaning behind these lights and the benefits that they offer.

Red as a Warning Color

Some colors resonate with each of us in different ways, and we often see these differences at work in instances like the color of police lights. For most of us, red signals a color of warning. This is why red is so commonly used by emergency services. From highlighting emergency rooms and ambulances to making sure that stop signs are highly visible, we often use red to catch attention and to imply a sense of urgency.

Blue to Stand Out

Although blue is not known to create a sense of urgency like the color red, it can actually empower the red lights on police cars. While the red flashing lights will highlight an emergency, the blue makes the color stand out even more. It is the shocking and highly visual presence of blue lights that make them the perfect addition to red flashing lights for police cars. With blue lights added to the mix, it is much easier to spot the red lights on police cars for what they actually are.

Navigating Visual Challenges

Everyone you know likely has a slightly different visual experience. Factors like eye health, vision level, and whether or not a person is impacted by color blindness can influence the way we perceive the world. Red and blue lights are easy to spot and can be recognized for what they are since their appearance is consistent and always the same—even if someone sees blue or red differently than others might.

Having a Clear and Recognizable Pattern

The recognizable nature of this light combination is another reason that it is so popular and still used to this day. Red, blue, and white lights in combination are often associated with the police. This isn’t by accident—in most states, it is illegal to have this combination of lights active on your vehicle on the road.

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