3 Things to Know About the Feniex Quantum 27” Mini Light Bar

Emergency vehicle lights and LED warning lights can have a big impact on how your car is viewed. Whether you are a first responder or simply upgrading your work truck, having great lights that are highly visible can have a noticeable impact while you are on the road.


Let’s explore how the Feniex Quantum 27” Mini Light Bar can improve your vehicle today.

What is the Feniex Quantum 27” Mini Light Bar?

When shopping for LED warning lights for your vehicle, you’ll notice that there are a lot of emergency vehicle lights to choose from. The Feniex Quantum 27” Mini Light Bar is a premium-grade light bar that is completely customizable, giving you the power to make the light into a device that suits your needs.


Able to be effortlessly paired with an accompanying app, this light bar is designed for flexibility. It empowers you to choose a light design that suits your needs, making it ideal for first responders, firefighters, police, car-related companies, or anyone else. Made with the user experience in mind, these LED warning lights bring it all!

Things to Know Before Buying the Feniex Quantum 27” Mini Light Bar

Learn these essential facts before purchasing your very own LED warning lights!

It Can Be Customized

Everyone has their own needs when adding emergency vehicle lights to their cars. Fortunately, the Feniex Quantum Mini Light Bar is perfect for meeting all of your needs and is available in four different configurations for better support.


This model offers four configurations, including:

  • Single

  • Dual

  • Tri

  • Quad


Choose the right configuration for you, and you can get everything you need from this dedicated light!


For added convenience, you can also decide on a mount type to better suit your needs. Currently, this model offers a magnetic mount or a permanent mount when you make your purchase.

You Have 60 Days After Your Purchase to Lock in Color and Pattern Configurations

After you purchase your Feniex Quantum Mini Light Bar, you will have 60 days to decide on your color and pattern configuration. This will allow you to lock in the right colors and patterns for these LED warning lights to support your needs, so choose carefully.


The lock-in period is relevant for all configurations, with the exception of the Quad configuration. If you invest in the Single, Dual, or Tri models, you will want to lock in your color and pattern configurations as quickly as possible.

It Offers an Extended Warranty

When you purchase your Mini Light Bar, you will be given the chance to add an extended warranty. With the extended warranty, you can navigate a simple claims process with low as a $33.99 deductible to get the item replaced entirely.


Extended warranties include:

  • Product replacement if the product stops working

  • Failure protection if there is a mechanical or electrical failure over time

  • Part failure protection to protect against failure from regular use of your part


For these emergency warning lights, you can choose a 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year extended warranty.

Upgrade Your Vehicle with High-End LED Warning Lights Today

The quality of emergency vehicle lights you choose can have a lasting impact on how they perform on the road. Fortunately, the Feniex Quantum Mini Light Bar only offers the best. To bring more high-end LED warning lights to your car, visit us at Ultra Bright Lightz today!