Which is Brighter: HID or LED Lights?

Choosing the right lights for your vehicle is always better when you know exactly what you are shopping for. When shopping for traditional or emergency vehicle lights, it is important to know what kind of lights your vehicle needs.


Let’s explore the differences in brightness and other key features when it comes to HID and LED lights.

Understanding the Key Differences Between HID and LED

HID and LED vehicle lights can be found in stores and on the road. They play a key role in emergency vehicle lights, as well as more standard lighting needs. These are some of the key differences between these options.

What is an HID Light?

The name “HID” refers to high-intensity discharge, an applicable name due to the brightness of these lights. They are known for their brightness and high visibility, as well as their ability to light up a dark space on the road. These durable bulbs are a great option that many people enjoy, and they rely on xenon gas to provide their exceptional appearance.

What is LED?

The name “LED” comes from the phrase light-emitting diode, which is a key component that makes up these lights. These long-lasting lights are considered an eco-friendly alternative and can offer incredible visual appearances. They are also long-lasting thanks to their simplified system and high-efficiency levels. LED lights are becoming a global standard all around the world, beloved for their cost-effective offerings.

Which Option is Brighter?

Given their name, which indicates their “high intensity”, it is no surprise that HID lights are bright, but they actually are not as bright as their LED cousins. LED lights are slightly brighter thanks to their use of electricity, giving them a sharper and more powerful visual appearance.


Although the brightness of all lights varies, you are better off choosing an LED light if brightness is your biggest concern.

Which Option is Better?

Since both of these lighting options are so popular, you might be wondering which option is better. As you might expect, this really depends on what you want to pay and how you want to use them.


In general, LED lights have a tendency to be slightly more expensive than HID options. However, you can find both of these lighting options within the same range if you shop around. For many of them, the prices are very similar, with some variety on either end.


There are a few reasons why people tend to gravitate towards LED lights—brightness, lifespan, and maintenance needs. LED lights are brighter, require less maintenance, and can last three times as long as HID lights can.

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