What Types of Vehicles Use Amber Lights?

LED amber lights are a must-have warning tool for professionals and first responders in a variety of industries. Bright, robust, and extremely powerful, amber vehicle lights are easily discernible to approaching motorists and are incredibly effective at conveying the presence of emergencies, work zones, and potentially dangerous highway conditions. But with laws and regulations varying widely from state to state, it can be overwhelming to select the right combination of LED amber emergency lights for your application.

Wondering what types of vehicles use amber lights? Thinking about outfitting your own vehicle with dependable, high-quality lights? Don’t sweat it, we’re here to help! We put together this handy guide to help you find the right amber products for your car, truck, or emergency vehicle.

Escort and Pilot Vehicles

Pilot vehicles escort large trucks carrying heavy cargo and wide/oversize loads. They’re required to display an “Oversize Load” sign on top of their vehicles, as well as amber lights—like LED light bars and flashing beacons—that can provide 360° of visibility. Well-equipped escort vehicles help to prevent accidents, serious injuries, and damage to roads, tunnels, bridges, and more.

Tow Trucks and Wreckers

Tow trucks, wreckers, and recovery vehicles operate in high-traffic areas where visibility can be extremely low, making tow truck-related accidents unfortunately common. Amber LED light bars, stick lights, and grille lights warn surrounding motorists to slow down and approach a tow scene with caution.

Construction Vehicles

Construction and highway maintenance vehicles are commonly active at night and in extreme weather conditions. Poor visibility, fatigued workers, and inattentive driving can lead to serious injuries or fatalities. Construction and work zone vehicles require dependable, heavy-duty LED amber warning lights that will keep personnel and approaching motorists safe.

Snow Plows and Road Crews

Snow plows, sweepers, spreaders, and other winter service vehicles operate in the toughest and most severe driving conditions. They need to equip their trucks with bright, powerful, and reliable LED amber strobe lights that can pierce through snowfall, fog, and whiteouts. Effective warning lights significantly improve the visibility and safety of everyone on the road.

Utility Vehicles

Whether it’s an ATV, UTV, or heavy duty service truck, utility vehicles need to be outfitted with LED amber lights, like hide-aways, mini light bars, and grille lights that are reliable, extremely durable, and can withstand the daily grind of tough, demanding work. Amber warning lights offer an effective warning solution in any environment.

Emergency Vehicles

In addition to their red, blue, and white lights, police vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances can also use rear-facing amber lights, traffic advisors, and arrow sticks to help direct motorists away from dangerous roadway conditions or emergency scenes. Be sure to check your state’s emergency lighting laws to find out which colors you can use on your vehicle.

Security Vehicles

Public and private security vehicles are typically equipped with amber beacons, grille lights, and full-size light bars to thwart trespassers, respond to suspicious behavior, and keep private property safe. By maintaining a strong, visible presence in their patrol area, security vehicles become an incredibly effective crime deterrent.

School Buses

Amber and red flashing lights provide a clear signal to motorists that they must stay alert and stop for school buses that are loading or unloading children. In some states, school buses are equipped with an 8-way warning system: amber lights warn drivers that a school bus will soon stop, while flashing red lights require motorists to come to a complete stop until the bus resumes motion.

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