The Best LED Lights for Undercover Police Vehicles

Picture a police vehicle—what do you see? Bright flashing lights? A red and blue LED light bar? Rotating beacons, maybe? We’re so accustomed to the traditional sight of brightly-lit police cars that we often forget how versatile modern-day policing is. Today’s first responders have a wide range of duties and responsibilities; they require a particular set of warning lights that match their specific applications. In the case of undercover vehicles, a stealthy and discreet light set-up is not only the preferred option, it’s essential.

Are you thinking about outfitting a slicktop or unmarked vehicle? Not sure where to start? We have a ton of LED warning lights that are perfect for low-profile use. Let’s review some of them down below!

Visor Light Bars


LED visor bars are an effective lighting solution for low-profile applications. They’re quickly installed in the interior of your car or truck and remain strategically out of sight until they’re activated. Visor light bars are available in all the standard emergency response colors and can be ordered in single or dual color configurations. Our visor bars come equipped with a long list of flash patterns that are perfect for a wide range of policing needs. Need takedown functionality? Feniex interior light bars can be configured with 4-watts of intense, blinding white light. UBL and Feniex visor bars have been designed for ease of use, versatility, and covert functionality, making them well-suited for undercover vehicles.


Dash Lights

LED dash lights are compact, incredibly simple to install, and offer stunning lighting capabilities. Just like visor bars, dash lights are installed in the interior of your vehicle, making them difficult to detect. Dash lights are typically equipped with a cigarette lighter plug and can be mounted with industrial-strength suction cups. This is especially advantageous if you’re using a POV or have more than one vehicle. Looking for a more secure option? Feniex dash lights also offer permanent mounting options.



Their name says it all: due to their compact size and versatile mounting options, hide-away strobe lights are incredibly easy to conceal, making them ideal for undercover applications. Install hide-aways in the headlight or taillight housing of your police car for a completely inconspicuous look or surface-mount them almost anywhere on your vehicle. Now featuring a modern and streamlined design, hide-aways are more efficient and brighter than ever before. 


Surface Mounts

Surface mounts and grille lights are a powerhouse option for police and undercover vehicles. Like hide-aways, LED surface mounts are compact, intensely bright, and can be mounted in countless locations. Mount them externally on your grille, rocker panels, wheel well, license plate area—the possibilities are endless. Not looking to drill holes in your POV? Don’t sweat it! We offer window mount brackets that eliminate the need for permanent modifications. They’re also a great way to conceal your lights for undercover use.


Stick Lights

At first glance, LED stick lights may not seem like the most obvious choice for an undercover vehicle. But thanks to their slim, space-saving design, stick lights can easily be mounted in places like your grille, where they’re difficult to spot. We also offer interior mounting options, allowing you to get the same powerful light output of an exterior stick light without having to drill holes into your vehicle. Whether you’re in pursuit or diverting traffic, stick lights provide a versatile range of functions and features that are perfect for any police vehicle.

Choosing the right lights for your police vehicle

Unlike pursuit vehicles and special service cars, undercover police vehicles require stealthy and discreet lighting options in order to get the job done. If you need help choosing the right configuration of lights and sirens for your slicktop car, feel free to contact us by phone or email! Our highly-trained product specialists are ready to answer any and all of your questions. Ordering for a police fleet? Open a department account with us for fast and easy ordering, net payment terms, and tons of other awesome benefits!