Ultra Bright Lightz Sells Their Emergency Light Bar Online for Less

It’s interesting to note the number of companies that are started by people who feel they can build a better mousetrap. Ultra Bright Lightz is one of those companies started by an entrepreneur who felt like he was paying too much and getting too little when it came to emergency and safety lighting on vehicles and other equipment.

Better for Less
Emergency lighting has changed over the last decade and the people who need to have emergency vehicle lights didn’t have a lot of alternatives. That is until we at Ultra Bright Lightz came onto the scene. Our owner felt as though the products he was purchasing for his own vehicles just weren’t up to snuff and he decided to build his own line of emergency lighting products for vehicles. One of the devices he developed was an emergency light bar that could illuminate a much larger area with better incandescence than traditional lights provided. He not only made a better mousetrap, but he also made it less expensive.

Full Range of Emergency Light Products
Ultra Bright Lightz offers our own UBL brand products, as well as Feniex and iLumex brand products. The emergency lighting products we carry fall into one of the following categories:

• Beacons
• Dash Mounted Lights
• Full Size Light Bars
• Hide-Away Lights
• License Plate Lights
• Mini Bar Lights
• Stick Lights
• Surface Mounted Lights
• Visor Lights
• Work / Static Lights

Ultra Bright Lightz also carries all mounting hardware and flashers as well as controllers, sirens, and speakers.

Shop Online and Save Big Time
When our owner went into business on the Internet, he understood he was changing a paradigm. Traditionally, emergency lighting was always purchased through a few manufacturers of the specialized products and prices they charged for their products were getting higher and higher without a corresponding improvement in equipment or technology. After conducting some research on the design, engineering, and construction of emergency lighting, our owner started engineering and building his own version of the emergency lights he felt were the higher cost, lesser-design quality types of emergency products and he soon discovered he could build similar lighting equipment at a lower cost and sell it at much better prices than the items he’d been purchasing for many years. The prices of his UBL brand products compared to traditional name brands were lower and the equipment was being built, in many cases, better than the name brands.

Government and Department Support from Professionals
Government agencies and first responders have special needs and Ultra Bright Lightz is ready to help them with optional financing on orders. We offer account management help with dedicated account managers, department-specific specials, and fast turnaround on credit applications. Customers can view their account information online and get answers to any questions by submitting the inquiry form on the contact page of our website or they can send an email to info@ultrabrightlightz.com. Customers who would like to speak directly with a customer service professional can call 1-888-562-5125 Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Individual Owners and Fleet Managers Love Ultra Bright Lightz
The bottom line is the bottom line and every fleet manager knows that staying in the budget is essential to providing quality services using quality equipment. Managing the budget is a strong motivator when it comes to a decision about acquiring and maintaining equipment. Whether a customer owns one vehicle that needs an emergency light bar or a whole fleet of vehicles that need them and all kinds of other emergency lighting equipment, the prices at Ultra Bright Lightz are going to surprise, amaze, and bring smiles to the faces of those who watch their pennies and nickels. Customers love our $9.99 flat rate shipping and they also love our 30-day return policy on the thousands of items we carry in our inventory. What customers gain from doing business with Ultra Bright Lightz is a great relationship with a company that cares about their business and is ready to take care of their customers no matter what.

Get Ultra Bright Lightz To Give You a Quote
When it comes time to make a purchase request or to file a repair order, it’s important to let Ultra Bright Lightz submit their quote for an emergency light bar or any other specified item on the request for quote. Our prices will help keep the peace between the accounting office and the shop manager. Saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars on emergency lighting equipment and the accessories it takes to run them is everyone’s dream, whether they need to outfit one vehicle or a hundred vehicles. Customers have had confidence in Ultra Bright Lightz and UBL products for over 10 years. So browse our site and get the high quality lighting you need to stay safe and visible.