Find the Right Police Light Bar for You

Police and emergency vehicles are so easily recognizable because of the lights. We have come to associate the flashing lights and sirens with emergency vehicles. It seems pretty obvious, too. Humans are visual creatures and so we use the flashing lights as an identifier. Not only do these lights help us identify police and emergency vehicles, but they alert us to certain situations. Different colors and flashing patterns can indicate the situation or the type of vehicle ahead when we are not close enough to see the details from a distance.

That is the entire purpose of a police light bar. When we are driving, we can become so focused on the road in front of us that we don’t see incidents and obstacles at the side of the road until it is too late. Perhaps there is a situation ahead that an emergency vehicle has not reached and is coming from behind you, so you can see the lights in the rear-view mirrors to signal that they need to get somewhere fast.

There are also different situations that may occur on the side of a major roadway. If there is an accident or a vehicle that has broken down, police and rescue may arrive on the scene and just park near the vehicle as an alert. Construction vehicles will use yellow flashing lights to display that caution is required and work is being completed.

So what are the advantages of using LED police light bars?
For one, they provide superior visibility. LED lights are very reliable with solid state, filament-free lamps that can last for up to 50,000 hours. That kind of durability and reliability are needed for emergency vehicles that are called into action at a moment’s notice. In addition, LED lights can give off great visibility, so they can be seen from a distance and can aid in visibility for the operator of the vehicle or those working near the vehicle, like construction workers or officers that need to exit the vehicle.

LED light bars, in general, have so many capabilities. Like other LED lighting, they are long-lasting and durable, but light bars come in a variety of colors to provide different alerts and have dozens of flash patterns. In addition, the low-voltage operation can make these lights energy efficient, which is also a welcome advantage.

Typically, when we think of police lighting, we think of the red and blue lights that appear on the top of the vehicle. However, there are actually many forms of LED lighting that work on police cars. Police light bars are the most popular because they are easy to see, easy to use, and easy to install. Light bars can come in different sizes from a full-width size that fits across the vehicle to shorter sizes that fit in different spots on the car. Light bars can be mounted in many different places including the rooftop, visor, dashboard or windshield.

Surface-mount LED lights can be mounted to a vehicle in any spot, inside or outside the vehicle. These are particularly popular for grill lighting and side lighting and come in an array of colors and sizes based on how many LEDs there are within the unit.

Beacons are also popular on police vehicles. These are round lighting fixtures that are placed on the roof and used as needed. These are powered differently than other lights using the cigarette lighter outlet and are attached to the vehicle using a magnet base. These lights, like light bars, have a variety of flash batters, rotations, and strobes.

There is so much to know about police lights and it can get confusing and complicated sometimes, but there is nothing complicated about where you should get police lighting. Ultra Bright Lightz is your place to go for all of your lighting needs.

LED light bars are not only for police cars but can be used on cars or trucks as well. The light bars from Ultra Bright Lightz can be easily mounted to your vehicle’s roof and provide you with so much extra light, take down light, alley lights and additional colors as well. There are also different mounts that can be purchased so your lights are displayed as you would like.

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