The UBL extreme handheld flashlights are here!Just as you would expect; they're bright, durable, and affordable! All of the flashlights are sealed and waterproof. They work with either the 18650 or CR123A batteries. (The CR123A are typically found in cameras and can be purchased at most stores that sell batteries, or from us) Included is two disposable lithium CR123A batteries. We also have the rechargeable 18650 batteries available for an additional charge.

Here's a breakdown of what is available:

-The 501B is much like the 502B. However, unlike the 502B, the 501B has a hand strap as opposed to a belt clip. The 502 lights are the best combination of spot and flood beam. So if you're looking long range, without compromising close range visibility, the 502 is the way to go!

-The A10B is the smallest UBL flashlight. But don't be fooled by it's size, it's bright! The A10B is the perfect light for maximum flood beam. Meaning, if you need to light up close range, the A10B is the way to go!

-If you're looking for maximum distance, the C8 is the way to go! The wide head gives the light optimal long range spot beam.