How to Choose Lights for an Evenly Distributed Upfit

Whether you're looking to update your current vehicle or you just purchased a new vehicle and cannot wait to put lights everywhere and anywhere, you should aim to have lights around the entirety of the vehicle. Not only is this crucial to your safety while responding, but let's be honest, you want to make your car the brightest. There are so many warning lights and so many places to mount them, but where do you start?

Dash Light

Many first responders love  dash lights because they're small, bright, and easy to install. A great place to begin your upfit is by installing a dash light. The  Feniex Cobra 2x or Cobra 1x are both excellent options for dash lights. These lights have the same bright and slim Cobra modules but differ by size. The  Cobra 1x has only 1 module while the  Cobra 2x has 2 modules. They are easily mounted with suction cups to your windshield and have a flash back guard to prevent blinding flash back while you are driving at night.

Grill Lights

Grill lights are are an all time favorite. They hide covertly in a vehicle's grill and give you many options for customization. You can choose various locations in the grill to put them, color combinations, and how many you want. The Feniex  Cobra T3Cobra T6, and  Apollo F6 are all great options for a grill. The Cobra T3's measuring only 3.35 inches long can fit even in the smallest grills. If you have a lot of room and a higher budget, putting a bar light would really light up the front of you vehicle.


A common mistake when choosing warning lights for an upfit is forgetting the sides of the vehicle. A great place to start is in the vehicle's back windows. Using  Feniex Apollo 200's or 100's is a quality option. If your vehicle has enough room, the Apollo 200 may be the best option for you. If you have a smaller back window, you may need to choose the Apollo 100 because of it's smaller length. If you want your car to really stand out, the  Feniex Cobra Rocker Panel Set will do the trick. These 63.7” lights mount right below your car's rocker panels and are sure to be seen.


For the back of your vehicle, the back window is a great place to put a  bar light. Many first responders choose a Feniex Cobra 600 Bar to mount here. This bar is extremely bright, even through dark window tints! Also, the  Feniex Cobra T6 License plate bundle is a great choice to mount on around your license plate. This bundle allows you to mount two lights next to your license plate without having to drill them into your car.