The Best Emergency Lights for Trucks

It goes without saying that emergency lighting systems vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle. The pain points and requirements of an undercover sedan are wildly different from those of a Ford F-150. So how exactly should you approach your truck’s new lighting setup? What factors should you consider before purchasing any products? Check out our article below to get the latest tips and recommendations for your truck’s next lighting upfit!

Top Considerations:

First things first: plan well! If you’re considerate and strategic about your truck’s new lighting system, you’ll save on unnecessary expenses now and in the future. Consider the following points:

Check Your Local Laws

We can’t emphasize this point enough: please check your state’s emergency lighting laws before purchasing any LED warning lights for your truck. If you’re unfamiliar with these laws and stipulations, then you might be surprised just how much lighting laws can vary across the country. Color configurations and positioning can change depending on your application or intended use.

Interior, Exterior, or Both?

If a permanent installation is not a concern for you, definitely consider the advantages of an exterior light bar. In addition to the powerful functionality, you also get 360-degrees of visibility, an impressive amount of customization, and a ton of mounting options. Feniex light bars are also equipped with advanced programming software.

But let’s face it, depending on your application, a full-size light bar may not be for you. And while a full-size light bar is incredibly powerful, you can still get some comparable functionality with an LED visor bar. Many of our UBL and Feniex visor bars are totally customizable and can be equipped with a cigarette lighter plug for easy installation.


Before purchasing a lighting setup, consider how people will see and respond to your truck’s lighting display. Your police or fire truck may have a mega powerful light bar on top, but will someone in a compact sedan see it? If your police lights are only positioned toward the top of your truck, they may literally shine over a smaller car, causing the driver to miss your warning. Think about adding lights in the grille and on your license plate for some strategic coverage that any vehicle can see. And of course, don’t forget your sides! Broadside lighting is crucial, especially since so many unfortunate accidents happen at intersections.


Here at Ultra Bright Lightz, we have a product for every budget. Need an affordable light bar with awesome functionality? We have one that starts at just $699.99! We have an ample range of surface mounts, dash lights, LED visor bars, and much more—feel free to reach out to a sales support specialist to learn more about which product is a great match for your application!

Product Recommendations:

Now that you have a strategy in mind, it’s time to make some product selections. There are so many options to choose from, but here are a couple that we recommend:

Have questions about any of the products we've just mentioned? Don't hesitate to reach out to our sales support specialists for assistance!