2018 Ram 1500 Install by Mobile Max Audio and UBL

Over the summer, we completed an awesome install on Jason’s 2018 Ram 1500. The goal was to supplement his existing lighting setup with a simple, but efficient control system and an extra pair of lights in the license plate area. Overall, we think these additions were a great success. This quick install was done in partnership with Mobile Max Audio in Bay Shore, New York.

To learn more about the products we used, check out our breakdown below!

Feniex 4200 Mini Controller:

Don’t let the size of the Feniex 4200 Mini Controller fool you. It may be compact, but it’s incredibly powerful. The 4200 Mini is perfect for first responders who want advanced features without compromising the console space in their vehicle. As you can see in Jason’s install, we were able to fit a 4200 Mini in a tight area without any problems. It’s designed with seven backlit buttons, an integrated wig-wag flasher, and the ability to program buttons as on/off or momentary.

Feniex T3 Intersection Bracket Kit:

Get the power of Feniex T3 Surface Mounts in an easy-to-use intersection bracket. Requiring minimal drilling, the Feniex T3 Intersection Bracket Kit can be quickly installed on the license plate of your truck or car for some much needed broadside lighting. The T3 Surface Mounts themselves feature 4-watt LEDs, 14 flash patterns, and are available in amber, blue, red, white, and green.

Jason also had a UBL U-Lite V2 Visor Bar, two Feniex Fusion 200 Stick Lights, and a Z-Flash installed—all of which were wired into his new 4200 Mini Controller. We’re super excited about the way this install turned out. With a few more additions, we were able to enhance Jason’s lighting setup so that it was easier to control. A huge thanks to Mobile Max Audio for their work on this install. Check out the video below for a closer look at this install.