Is it Illegal to Have Police Lights on Your Car?

Emergency vehicle lights are special types of car lights that make it possible for you to make your car highly visible, and they are commonly used on police cars. Most police cars have a signature pattern involving red, blue, and white. For some drivers, the idea of adding these lights to a car seems like a great choice, but the laws surrounding emergency vehicle lights are more limiting than you might think.


In this article, we will explore the legality of police lights for civilian vehicles.

Police Lights for Civilian Use: What You Need to Know

If you like the idea of having LED emergency lights that mimic police lights on your car, you will want to consider the laws in place for emergency vehicle lights and everyday drivers. Let’s explore this in more detail.

Can You Have Police Lights on Your Car?

You may be tempted to add police lights to your car, but the truth is that this is illegal pretty much everywhere. In most locations, it is illegal to have emergency vehicle lights that mimic the appearance of actual emergency lights, and the charges for this crime can be surprisingly severe. Unless you are adding police lights for a private reason on private property, it is best to avoid them at all costs.

Can You Add Flashing Lights to Your Car?

Although true police lights are not legal for use as standard car lights, you can still invest in LED emergency lights for your car in most places. Flashing lights are generally legal as long as they follow local laws and guidelines. These laws can vary by area, so it is always very important to confirm the laws before you buy new car lights online. You can have them, but make sure you buy the correct ones and know how to use them.

What Kind of Emergency Vehicle Lights Are Legal for Civilian and Professional Vehicles?

In most cases, you can have emergency vehicle lights as long as they do not mimic the appearance of the local emergency vehicles. This means that you will need to choose an approved color scheme, with the most popular option being amber.


With legal emergency vehicle lights, you can gain the convenience of emergency lights without running into trouble with the law. These lights will allow your car to be visible without putting you at risk of fees, fines, or even jail time.


To make the right choice, it is important to research and find an appropriate option for you. It is even more important to remember that these laws can and do vary, and that means that your lights may be legal where you live yet illegal on a road trip. Always be prepared to adapt!

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You don’t need police lights to give your car lights a little more power on the road. Whether you are looking to have lights for an actual emergency or you plan to use them for a professional purpose, there are plenty of great LED emergency lights available that will allow you to comply with the law.


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