Can I Put Flashing Lights on My Car?

When you drive down the road, there is a good chance that you will notice that some vehicles have different types of lights than others. LED warning lights and emergency vehicle lights are fairly common vehicle upgrades–but does this mean that you can add flashing lights to your car? In this article, we will explore if you can add flashing lights to your personal or work vehicle.

Adding Flashing Lights to Your Car: What You Need to Know

Adding emergency vehicle lights to your car, or even LED warning lights for work purposes, can be a wonderful upgrade. Let’s explore what is and is not legal when it comes to flashing lights.

Can You Put Flashing Lights on Your Car?

Before we can explore the legal considerations when it comes to adding flashing lights to your car, let’s start with the basics. Can you put flashing lights on your car? Yes—but it isn’t necessarily that simple.


Adding flashing lights to your car is likely legal in your area. However, the kinds of flashing lights you add, how you install them, and how you use them is a much bigger discussion. Although anyone can technically add flashing lights to their car, that doesn’t mean that it is the correct or legal choice.

What Kind of Flashing Lights Can You Put on Your Car?

LED warning lights serve many unique purposes for drivers, some emergency related and others work related. You may just want to add flashing lights to your car for fun when you hang out with friends or family. While each of these options can be legal, the legality of your emergency vehicle lights will often come down to the type of lights you choose.


When you add flashing lights to your car, it is very important to choose an option that is considered legal in your area. These laws can vary by state and county, so be sure to look into your local laws before you make a purchase.


The easiest way to get lights that are in compliance with local laws is to avoid ever using lights that mimic the color pattern of any type of emergency vehicle. Making your vehicle give the appearance of a cop car, ambulance, or fire truck is a very good way to end up with a ticket and some high fees.


The safest lighting choice is amber lights, which are commonly legal in most areas.

How Can You Legally Put Flashing Lights on Your Car?

There are two ways you can add LED warning lights or emergency vehicle lights to your car—installing them yourself or paying professionals to install them for you.


A good majority of street-legal flashing lights can be installed at home. Buying lights that come with simple installation instructions and tell you exactly where to place them and how to use them is best. This can help you to place flashing lights on your car that are street-legal and not unnecessarily distracting to other drivers. It is also a great way to save money!

Give Your Vehicle the Upgrade it Deserves

You can give your vehicle the power of flashing lights using third-party lights or a BCM flasher. At Ultra Bright Lightz, we offer convenient and customizable lighting solutions that allow you to give your vehicle everything it needs and a little more too.


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