Can You Put Blue Flashing Lights on Your Car?

There are many ways to upgrade the light system on your car, and you can even incorporate colors into your vehicle’s lighting. Blue flashing lights might look great, but let’s explore if they are right for you!

Blue Flashing Lights on Cars: An Overview

You can learn everything you need to know about putting blue flashing lights on your car with these common considerations.

Why Would You Add Blue Flashing Lights to Your Car?

Blue is a very popular color, and many drivers love the way that blue or blue-tinted lights look on a vehicle. Flashing lights, like lights in different colors, are also very popular. People may add flashing blue lights to their car to create a specific visual effect—or they might think it is a good way to remain visible when parked or while driving. There are plenty of reasons to choose these lights!

Can You Legally Put Blue Flashing Lights on a Civilian or Professional Vehicle?

While blue lights can be a wonderful addition to your car, and choosing a variety that flashes can offer an even more engaging visual effect, it is important to proceed with caution depending on your location. In fact, most places strictly forbid the addition of blue flashing lights to a vehicle for personal or professional use with one exception—legitimate emergency vehicles.


Blue LED warning lights or blue emergency vehicle lights may look great, but they are often used to convey a message to drivers from local law enforcement and emergency crews. Most states and counties strictly forbid the use of these lights. While you might be able to buy them, you could end up with some unwanted attention from your local police if you choose to add them to your vehicle in an area where they are banned.


Blue dash lights, blue grille lights, and other varieties of blue warning lights are very likely forbidden where you live. However, that isn’t always true. To remain in compliance, check in with local law enforcement to decide if these lights are right for you.

Can You Privately Use Blue Flashing Lights for Your Vehicle?

In most areas, it is illegal to use blue flashing lights in a public space. This includes public roads, the side of roads, or any other public property. However, exceptions may apply if you are using them on private property. If you are using these lights for a specific purpose on property you own or as a part of a specific setup, it is unlikely that the police will have any concerns about you using these lights. Of course, it is still a good idea to ask!

Give Your Car Emergency Vehicle Lights, LED Grille Lights, and LED Dash Lights the Right Way

Whether you intend to add blue flashing lights to your car as a fun upgrade in places where it is legal or you want to explore some of the more versatile color options available, Ultra Bright Lightz can help you to receive the look you need. Explore our collection of LED warning lights and other light options available in a wide range of great colors!