What Size Wire Should You Use for Your LED Light Bar?

Vehicle owners use LED light bars for all kinds of different reasons, from work to aesthetic designs. Whether you are looking for LED light bars for trucks or you just want to add some new emergency vehicle lights to your car, LED light bars allow you to light your vehicle up in a way that suits your needs.


When adding an LED light bar to your car, there is one big consideration to make—finding the right wire. In this article, we will explore how to find the right wire gauge to support your LED light bar performance.

Wires and LED Light Bars: What You Need to Know

You need the right wire gauge to provide adequate support for your LED light bar. Let’s explore how you can find the right match.

Understanding the Need for Different Wires

All LED light bars are built differently, and that means that they often come with different requirements as well. What one LED light bar needs to operate may be too little or too much for a similar light bar, depending on the internal components and needs of the system.


Choosing an incompatible wire gauge can cause significant problems in performance. It may lead the system to behave irregularly or could even damage it with time. In some cases, the LED light bar won’t work at all. To support optimal performance without any damage, finding the right wire gauge is crucial.

Calculating Wire Gauge

In order to give your LED light bar what it needs to succeed, you will need to calculate the appropriate wire gauge. This can be done through two considerations—the current draw (amps) and the wire gauge (AWG) itself. Both of these factors can help you to find the right match for your system.


While calculating the wire gauge for your LED light bar, it is necessary to know that there may be several options that do work and several options that don’t. Depending on the wire gauge and the current draw, you may find a combination that is not sufficient—or you may find that several options will work at different lengths.

Choosing the Right Wire Gauge for Your LED Light Bar

The first step to take when selecting the right wire gauge is to look at the current draw that will be pulled through the wire. You will need this value to cross-reference with the wire gauge you are considering to find the right fit. This value should be readily available with the lights that you choose.


After you have determined the current draw, you will want to use a standardized chart to find the right wire gauge. Look for a match that is sufficient and offers the right length to suit your needs. If the chart you use doesn’t have the exact current draw you need, round up to the closest value.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your LED Light Bar Today!

Adding an LED light bar to your vehicle can be a major improvement, whether you are seeking LED light bars for trucks or for other vehicle types. To find the perfect light system and wiring that supports optimal performance, explore our collection of LED light bars at Ultra Bright Lightz!


Instructions for chart:

1. Figure out which current is being drawn through the wire and locate that number on the left-hand side of the graph. Always go with the higher number if the number is between two vaules.

2. Then go to the right of this row until you find the lenght of your wire. Again, always go with the higher number if the lenght is between two vaules.

3. Use this column and go upwards to determine the recommended size/gauge for your wire.